Saturday, 9 March 2013

Time for some Recognitions... Liebsters Award it is!!

The latest buzz on the blog is I have got an award.. Yooo hooo ooo!!! Yipeeee!!! I know I know I am Crazy.. But what is life if u don't have a tinge of all elements in it!

I would like to thank Akash Govindaranjan and Renu for nominating me for Liebsters Award.  I am delighted to  have received the nominations not once but twice. I realize, I am a bit late in publishing the post but better late than never. 

Both have been regular visitors of my blog.  Akash blogs at : His blog has his miscellaneous day to day experiences and poems. An interesting mix of emotions and events.  Renu's blog is just a perfect halt for short stories and poems. She blogs at:

Liebster is actually a German word meaning kindest, dearest and beloved. This Award is given to new, budding bloggers who have a lot of potential.

Here are the rules for the Liebster Award:
  1. Each person must post 11 things about themselves.
  2. Answer the 11 questions the person giving the award has set for you. 
  3. Create 11 questions for the people you will be giving the award to
  4.  4.  Choose 11 people to award and send them a link to your post.
     5.  Go to their page and tell them.
     6.  No tag backs.
Soo Lets Begin...........

11 Things about myself:
  1.  I am a Junk Food Lover. :P
  2. Shopping is my daily diet.
  3. Coffee Addict.
  4. Total Filmy
  5. Beaches and Mountains tend to bring out the best in me.
  6. I hate to share my stuff. Especially: clothes
  7. I hate it when people dig in their spoons in my food. Guyz eat what you ordered. 
  8. For me, Music is equal to Oxygen
  9. I am disaster when it comes to cooking.
  10. Every night I pledge to wake up early and go for a morning walk and exercise. However, that day never comes.
  11. Lastly, I am a hard core Happiness freak.  Each day of my life is filled with positivity and enthusiasm.

Answers to the Questions by Akash

1.       What is your most embarrassing moment?
Once when I was a kid, the landline at home had got cross connected with someone else’s landline. I used to pick up the receiver to hear their conversations and for fun had started imitating the lady on the other side. That lady was however a resident of the same building and had recognized my voice. My most embarrassing moment was when one day that lady met me in the lobby and started to scold.  And I stood there embarrassed,  trying to make up excuses to get myself out of the blunder.

2.       Craziest thing you did.
I live craziness every moment.

3.       The person you miss at this moment
My Maternal Grandfather. I wish he were alive.

4.       Have you watched any Rajinikanth movie? If so, which one?
Chaalbaaz when I was a kid. And recently dared to see Robot but couldn’t bear it till the end.

5.       Which advertisement do you like on TV?
ICICI bank- Bandye yeh aache hai! & Cadbury Diary Milk- Rishton ka shubh aarambh

6.       Your best friend has done something wrong to you behind your back, without your knowing.  What would you do?
What can I do? You just said without my knowing! ;)

7.       What is your most precious possession?
I have a collection of a lot of my First Things. Eg My first Watch

8.       Which thing do you look for in a date, if at all you have had one before or in the future? (Money/ Profession/ Physical appearance/ any other)
Smartness and Quick wit.

9.       Favourite hangout place to spend time with your friends.
A coffee shop, beach or mall. I don’t really care about the place when I am with my best of friends.

10.   What is your short term dream?                                                                                                                            To become a full time blogger & writer.

11.   Suggest a unique name for my blog, according to what you feel about it.
 Blog the Talk with Akash

Answers to the Questions by Renu: 
1.       If I gave you a million dollars, how would you spend it?
I would spend on planning my Big Fat Indian Wedding. (If at all I get a guy ;))

2.       What do u like most about blogging?                                                                                                                 
 A. You are your own boss! B. And the entire world is your audience! 

3.      If you were deserted on an isolated island and you could take a thing and a person along, what and who would it be?
It would be my mobile and would not really take anyone along. It’s been long I got some time for myself. Would just laze around ;)

4.       How do u think, the culprits of Delhi gang rape case should be punished?                                        
      Hanged till death.

5.       What would be the first and the last line of your biography?
First Line: Change is inevitable.
Last Line:  Some ends are better unknown.

6.       5 things that you carry almost everyday to your workplace?
I card, Phone, Lip Balm, Diary, Lunch Box

7.       One advice you would like to give to your fellow bloggers?
Write assuming u were the reader of your blog.

8.       One person you look up to?
My Dadaji

9.       One city/country you really want to visit?

10.    One song that describes you best?
Woh Dekhne mein kaise seedhe saadhi lagti.

11.        Honest opinion about my blog?
Your blog makes me nostalgic. My previous theme was same as yours. I just love your short stories. They take me into a different world.

The 11 Bloggers I nominate are:


11 Questions to the Nominated Bloggers:

  1. One Dream you want to share?
  2. All time favourite Movie?
  3. A book you wish was made into a movie?
  4. One Song that has been on your playlist since the past 1 year?
  5.  When you are very angry, how do you let it out?
  6. A dessert you can never get enough of?
  7. Facebook or Twitter?
  8. Worst Fashion Trend ever?
  9. The Daily Soap you follow or once followed or were made to watch by your mom ?
  10. Back up Profession?
  11. Long Drives or Long Walks?
  12. One good thing about my blog?
That's it ..... It was quite a task!! But it was Fun... 



  1. Awwww thanks a lot Neha :*

    1. Most welcome dear!! Quickly come up wid d post!!

  2. Liebster it is! Congrats and thanks for nominating me for this award. It was great to read about you. Btw, so your short term goal is to be a full time blogger..hmm!

    1. Welcome. It's time to read something about u.

    2. i am seriously lazy but i will try something.. :P

  3. This is such a great initiative! I love the concept of giving awards to fellow bloggers :) And you certainly deserved it, your blog is amazing.

  4. Hi Hi Hi....thanks so much for this award. It means a lot to me.Here's my Oscar speech: :P

    So, I would like to thank my parents, God, my teachers who made me what I am today, my friends who would read and encourage and so many other people......

    PS- And congratulations. Tumhara award speech kab aayega ;)

    1. hehe.....

      Maine agar speech deni ki sochi toh pura ek post likh dungi!! :P

  5. Hi neha! Nice knowing about you!!
    By the way, the sixth question means that
    What would you do if your friend had done wrong to you behind your back and you come to know about it from another source.....would you talk abt it directly, or keep that, i am asking

    1. Hi Akash!

      I understood ur question was just trying to pull ur leg. Newayz coming back to ur question. In case something lik dat happens to me I wouldn't confront my friend. Rather, would just distance out with her/him.

  6. Hi Neha

    Thanks for the nomination yar.. I mean it really means a lot and also, it reminds me that I should take my blog more seriously :)
    And telling you're the coolest blogger around..
    btw tell me how do I answer these questions? in an email or something?

    1. Hi Rahul,

      Most welcome.. I have been waiting for Part 2 of wanted alive since a long time!!
      To answer all you need to do is publish a post just like I did by following the rules I mentioned above.

      Till then Happy Blogging. N Keep Smiling

  7. Hey Neha...Thnx for Nominating my blog :)
    But I dont think my blog is liebster because
    I doubt if any one reading it except I, Me & Myself :P

  8. Hey Neha!

    Thank you so much!

    This is my first blog award and means a lot to me. enjoyed reading your answers! will update mine soon.

  9. Hey! Didn't see this before... Congratulations Neha! :D Good Work!