Wednesday, 27 February 2013

The Superstitious Me!

 It's the most dreadful time of the year. I am trying to catch a breath in between the investment declarations, appraisals, marriages of friends etc. All things I hate fall over my head during this time of the year.

A few days back, my lead asked me to book a meeting room for the appraisal and I immediately decided to find out if the one where I have had my past 3 appraisals was vacant. To my dismay it was booked for the entire day.

Although I knew what was coming, still such things make me superstitious. I know it’s quite funny how sitting in a particular room would ensure I get a better rating.  Still, sometimes this tiny winy brain of mine over rules all logic's.

When I still back and contemplate, I realize sometimes I have taken my superstitions to an altogether different level. So I put down for you few of my crazy acts that will definitely regale u all!

  • When a cat crosses my path I stop immediately and start haphazardly removing stuff from my bag as if I am looking for something. With a hidden desire that someone crosses over.  As soon as someone else crosses I walk with a big sigh of relief.

  •  I have a top which I consider as my lucky top and wear it only on the days when I feel things are not working my way. I have preserved the top for almost 5 years now. ;)    
  •  My engineering semester exams used to be on alternate days. So when an exam went good, I would wear the same uniform for the remaining exams too. (don’t wry I used to get it washed) 
  •  On the exam days, I used to get ready and have food at the fixed time. With a feeling that even a minute’s change will impact my results. 
  • When I was in school, every Thursday I landed up getting scolded by some or the other teacher. Since then I consider Thursdays to be my unlucky days. 
  • Wednesdays on the other hand have always been Happy and Hassle free. So whenever I want to buy something new, start some project etc,  I try to do it on a Wednesday. 

  •   I believe whenever you tell someone your dream, the chance of the dream turning into reality become NIL.  Hence I hide the good dreams and cry out loud about the bad ones. 

So this is by far my entire list. I am sure many of you believe in or do at least one thing from the list. Share in your experiences, superstitions and theories; would love to read them all.


Monday, 18 February 2013

The Maha Experience of the Maha Kumbh!!

So I asked myself again… r u sure u wanna do this?

In zippy came my reply ” Nooo”!

I turned to my parents and said, “I am not accompanying you guys to the Kumbh 2013. That is my final decision.”

And then what I dreaded the most had started: the emotional blackmail. I could take all of that no more so I agreed to join them with little or no idea what awaits me there.

Now that I am back from the Kumbh, I feel it would have been the biggest mistake of my life had I not been there.

What's the Kahaani??
So the story goes like this....
Once the Gods and demons decided to churn the ocean and share the treasures that would emerge from it. The most precious treasure was the "Amrit", the nector. when God Dhanvantari emerged holding the kumbh(pot) which contained the Amrit, both Gods and Demons laid claims to it. the Demons didn't wish to take chances and snatched the kumbh hastily.

It was a known fact that the one who consumes the Amrit becomes Immortal and therefore all powerful and indestructible. Gods couldn't accept this. Hence, Lord Vishnu disguised himself as an enchantress (Mohini), and seized the nector from Demons. While fleeing from the evil ones, Lord Vishnu passed the nector to his winged mount, Garuda. When the demons finally caught Garuda, in the ensuing struggle a few drops of the precious 'Amrit' fell on Allahabad, Haridwar, Nashik and Ujjain. Since then Kumbh Mela is held in all these places every 12 years.

This year, I went there to witness the world’s greatest religious event. To witness the massive gathering of people from all over the world who believe that one dip in the holy water will unleash them from the burden of their committed sins of all their past lives and the present one too.


The best way to get there would be via train. Enjoy the company of fellow Kumbh traveler’s & devotees. We took the train called Duranto. It starts from LTT , Kurla @ 5.20pm and reaches Allahabad at around 12.30am next day. They provide 3 meals which are inclusive of the tickets cost. 

Once you reach the station there are cabs which offer to drop you to the Kumbh city, charging you somewhere around 400Rs. The Kumbh city falls on the outskirts of Allahbad. The Mela stretches across 25kms on both sides of the river. 

Massive right! It indeed is! A glimpse of which is right below.

The Kumbh city is divided into a number of sectors. Starting from sector one which is closest to the river and as the sector number increases you move farther away from the river banks. Government allocates lands to various groups of sadhus depending on their strength and they in turn hire people to build tents and make water and electricity arrangements inside. A number of hotels have built tents there and provide accommodations with essential facilities.

Allahabad is the city where Ganga unites with both River Yamuna and the invisible River Saraswati. This place of confluence of the 3 rivers is called the Sangam. Devotees go exclusively to the Banks of Sangam, to take the holy dip. If you wish to escape the crowd you also have an option of going to the Ganga Ghat.
In our 2 days of stay in the Kumbh, the first day we took bath in the Ganga River and the next day at the Sangam. Depending on the crowds, the security personnel’s stop the transportations to the river banks at various points. At any cost you would have to walk atleast 3kms to reach the Sangam.

On the way to Sangam you will witness an overflow of Indian culture. Devotees hailing from places across the world, walk towards the Sangam with the faith and trust that the holy dip shall unlock the doors of heaven for them. Sadhus, Saints, common man and enlightened great minds, you will find all kinds of devotees under one roof i.e. the Kumbh city.

While walking toward the banks you will see kids dressed up as Hindu Gods. I found them extremely cute. Below is one of them dressed as Lord Shiva:

Once the sun sets, the city transforms entirely. The moon light falls on the sand and sparkles the whole Kumbh city.

In the moonlit sky, go about exploring the city. You ought to find interesting events, places and people around. Our one such discovery was this Shiv Lingam made up of mercury.

As you walk on the streets of Kumbh city, you find camps of the Naga Sadhu’s. The Naga Sadhus are worshippers of Shiva and hold characteristics resembling to the features of Shiva. Their bodies are daubed in thick ash and they wear heavy coils of matted hair on the head. These saints remain completely naked all the time and smoke Marijuana through a pipe called a Chillum. They have given on all the materialistic pleasures.

We saw one such Naga sadhu who had been standing on one foot since almost 12 years. Hard to imagine! Isn’t it!! But until we were there, I passed by his tent a number of times at various hours of the day and each time I was astonished to see him at the same place with his left foot folded above and supporting the right one. 

Till wee hours, the Kumbh city is hustling bustling with people and events everywhere. Ram leela’s, Bhajans, Bhandara’s for the devotee’s happening throughout the day. Every nook and corner of the city is filled with some or the other activity all the time.

Last but the most important thing: Khaana !
Be it anywhere, a foodie like me hunts for scrumptious, luscious and mouthwatering food! So, even in the Kumbh I managed to find a spot at the intersection of sector 4 &5. There was this stall which served hot jalebi’s, bread pakoda’s , methi pakodas, bhajias and lot of more stuff! Not to forget with a khatti-meethi chutney to die for. A must visit stall at the Kumbh!

To conclude, I would just say believer or non believer of the Kumbh. Take that leap of faith; Just like I did. To experience the biggest and largest religious event in world; to discover a world which is hidden in this small world! It’s time to forget your apprehensions and plunge into the ocean of possibilities.