Wednesday, 27 February 2013

The Superstitious Me!

 It's the most dreadful time of the year. I am trying to catch a breath in between the investment declarations, appraisals, marriages of friends etc. All things I hate fall over my head during this time of the year.

A few days back, my lead asked me to book a meeting room for the appraisal and I immediately decided to find out if the one where I have had my past 3 appraisals was vacant. To my dismay it was booked for the entire day.

Although I knew what was coming, still such things make me superstitious. I know it’s quite funny how sitting in a particular room would ensure I get a better rating.  Still, sometimes this tiny winy brain of mine over rules all logic's.

When I still back and contemplate, I realize sometimes I have taken my superstitions to an altogether different level. So I put down for you few of my crazy acts that will definitely regale u all!

  • When a cat crosses my path I stop immediately and start haphazardly removing stuff from my bag as if I am looking for something. With a hidden desire that someone crosses over.  As soon as someone else crosses I walk with a big sigh of relief.

  •  I have a top which I consider as my lucky top and wear it only on the days when I feel things are not working my way. I have preserved the top for almost 5 years now. ;)    
  •  My engineering semester exams used to be on alternate days. So when an exam went good, I would wear the same uniform for the remaining exams too. (don’t wry I used to get it washed) 
  •  On the exam days, I used to get ready and have food at the fixed time. With a feeling that even a minute’s change will impact my results. 
  • When I was in school, every Thursday I landed up getting scolded by some or the other teacher. Since then I consider Thursdays to be my unlucky days. 
  • Wednesdays on the other hand have always been Happy and Hassle free. So whenever I want to buy something new, start some project etc,  I try to do it on a Wednesday. 

  •   I believe whenever you tell someone your dream, the chance of the dream turning into reality become NIL.  Hence I hide the good dreams and cry out loud about the bad ones. 

So this is by far my entire list. I am sure many of you believe in or do at least one thing from the list. Share in your experiences, superstitions and theories; would love to read them all.



  1. Superstitions! Even I believe in those ones . Speccially when I was in engineering and giving exams. Your post reminded me of those days.
    Thanks Neha.

    Travel India

    1. Hehe... I know its kinda a nostalgic!
      Keep Blogging and keep Smiling :)

  2. I wear thumb ring in my right hand thumb which I think lucky for me...:)

  3. I also have this superstition of playing this one particular song everyday when I leave for office. Superstitions over a period of time become a habit I think.