Sunday, 10 July 2016

TraveLibro - A Traveller's Delight!

To Move, To Breathe, To Fly, To Float,
To Gain all while you Give,
To Roam the roads of land remote,
To Travel is To Live!
(Quote By Hans Christian Anderson)

How much ever we enjoy our travels, it's a known fact that a lot of efforts go into planning a trip. Researching about a place, building itinerary, hotel bookings and so much more.  I am someone who thoroughly enjoys every aspect of trip planning. But I have a lot of friends who feel all this is a pain.

So for all the people who love planning trips and the one’s who don’t, TraveLibro is here to amaze you. TraveLibro is a recently launched Portal & App that deals with all aspects of Holiday Planning. It lets you Explore, Plan, Book, Share & Document your trips at one place.  I have been using the portal for quite some time now and I must say it’s truly a traveler's delight.

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Sharing Top 5 reasons why I can’t get over TraveLibro –

1. User Interface

Love the color scheme of the portal. It's vibrant and soothing. The website has simple navigation and an easy interface. It's segregated into 4 major categories namely Explore, Plan, Book, Agent , Capture & Cherish!

2. Logo

The cutest thing is their Logo. It's a suitcase with an open trolley handle. I am guessing it's an indication that you are ready to commence on a journey. Pretty thoughtful! Ain't it?

3. Document Itinerary

Each time I decide to document my itineraries, I digress to travelogues. TraveLibro lets me document my itineraries with ease by providing fixed formats. It includes important information like the Cities travelled, Budget, Duration of trip. There is also a section to add the 'Must Do's' in a city.
Furthermore, you can categorize your trip as Adventure, Backpacking, Budget, Religious, Luxury etc.

Documenting Itineraries is like maintaining a travel scrapbook.

4. On The Go Journeys

This feature which is exclusively available on the App lets you create a Travel timeline of your journey. One can update their status, upload pictures, share check ins and much more.
There is also a feature to capture and share your journeys along with other friends who are on TraveLibro through a shared timeline.

5. Travel Agents & Bookings:

TraveLibro also has a section where you can search and book Flights, Homestays, Hotels, Care Hire and Parking.

When you travel abroad a lot of times a local travel agent can be a better option. They know the country well and can coordinate much better on ground. But searching a genuine agent online can be difficult.
TraveLibro can be your savior at such times. It connects you with numerous trusted travel agents across the globe who help you plan your holidays.

So doesn't TraveLibro look like a promising travel social network?  It's an amazing digital scrap book where you can document your travels.

Don't waste any more time, quickly download the app and follow me to know all about my previous, present and upcoming trips.

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