Sunday, 27 November 2011

Luv Shuv....... ;)

Love is not finding someone to live with, it's finding someone you can't live without.

Let me now take you on a rollercoaster ride called LOVE. It has a lot of ups and downs. There are times when you skip a heartbeat. There are times when you cry and scream in anxiety. But at the end of the ride you feel you conquered the world.

It often happens that we come across couples who look good together. We tag them as ‘made for each other’. There is this magical chemistry that they share. You feel like observing them closely to get that magical element in your own life. I think instead of getting that secret ingredient, one should try getting that right person in one’s life. When you have the right person rest all falls in place.

90% of the guys I have met know what kind of a girl they want to spend their lives with. They are pretty clear about the qualities that expect. It isn’t that tedious for them to decide if they have fallen for someone. On the other hand girls often go bonkers deciding who to settle down with. They are not that choosy while falling in love although they show otherwise. The one thing that all girls secretly hope or expect from a guy is he should be mad for her. In fact, for most of the girls the case is that the guy falls for them and after a while she starts reciprocating the same feeling.

So when do you know that a guy loves you?
When he notices the smallest change in you, doesn’t get tired of complimenting you. When he figures out hundred silly reasons to just catch a glimpse of you. When he touches you and the feel of the touch is different. When his stares are quite longer than the usual. When your silliest joke makes him laugh like a nut case.

I surmise, LOVE isn’t that complicated.
You don’t have to follow a check list each time. All the love you want, reflects in his eye.  Whenever you are unsure, uncertain about the fact that he loves you, just look into his eye. If a guy loves you all that he wants is you, all that he desires is you. And his eyes truly say this. His eyes would just want to penetrate yours. His one stare would make you feel safe and protected.

Nothing more nothing lesss ….just look across in his eye and they would say it all……


Saturday, 26 November 2011

That thing called......LIFE

Off late I have been picking up positive signs in the things around me. I keep reading the quotes by famous people and motivate myself, charge up myself when I am low. In today’s time everyday is struggle. Problems enter and exit everyday. These ups and downs make you what you are.

An article in TOI under the editorial section had a few lines which would boost that zeal inside you. It said 'In life, everyone is denied a few things. But all of us have been blessed with millions of gifts. If you focus on what you do not have, you will be unhappy. If you choose to focus on the things you have, you are grateful and you develop an irresistible desire to share, contribute, and give. This makes you happy'.

We keep cribbing about the things we lack, changes we expect, changes we are denied! But we overlook what we have. We complain about the problems but we forget that we have been given the strength to tackle them. Nothing is permanent. Neither the happiness nor the pain would stay with you. The fact is that even a dear one’s death doesn’t bring our lives to a standstill. We are bounded by our responsibilities, roles and have to move back on the track.

The best way to live life is don’t expect just keep moving………

Take each day as it comes. Laugh like a child, live like a kid who doesn’t care about what is going to happen the next moment. Keep a destination, have an aim meanwhile don’t forget to live life.

I realize, things have to be kept facile. Maybe, the turbulent times that I have faced in past make me a stronger person now. I know that time and again my patience is tested. With every passing year, I become more tolerant. I have evolved from a girl to a responsible lady. The times that I have left behind were the most difficult days of my life. I am sure GOD is ready with numerous other tests for me and like all the earlier times, I am surely gonna pass them with flying colours!!!