Thursday, 6 October 2011

Power To Destroy or Build?

 It was yet another lazy morning. As I scanned the newspaper for some hot gossips I saw an interview of Ranbir Kapoor promoting his upcoming movie. Midway through his interview, I realized it had the same old talk about his link-ups, break-ups, controversies etc. But in between his regular chat something really interesting caught my eye.

He said his movie was a classic love story and the journey of a musician. 'In life we all have this one person we deeply love, that person has the ability to destroy you which also makes you the person you are!!', he added.
How blunt but deep down my heart I realized it was indeed the truth. I asked myself, how can loving someone deeply destroy you? I was dumbstruck for a moment. Love is so beautiful how can it assault someone’s world?

It does happen! Love is beautiful but you have your share of pain and craziness that you have to go through! If you deeply love someone you keep setting higher benchmarks and the feeling intensifies everyday!  The deprivation of that persons love from your life can shatter you as a person. Sometimes the heart is so badly ruptured that the stains remain life long. The absence of that person from your life leaves a permanent change in your life which most of the times is irreversible!!

In the times when people feign love easily, when you hear about breakups every other week, when love is a game of trial and error for many, when to get over a person you get hooked up with a new one, in such times it’s hard to believe that loving someone so deeply is possible.

As per me, you fall for someone and gradually the attachment makes the bond stronger. The more attached you are to the person, the more casual you are about the world. Your world shrinks to that someone special and their presence is all that matters!! Somehow you get so much into that person that you have rising high expectations from them and when these expectations aren’t met it’s difficult to live with this fact and it’s even more difficult to unheed it. So the only solution left then is to part ways.
It’s a tough place to be in. Suddenly you are shaken to reality. There emerges a vaccum in your life. The absence of that person leaves you completely baffled. Because a moment ago there was someone you could say yours and the very next moment you are stranded alone on a deserted island. 

Some people take time but move on and the others are left there thinking where did they go wrong and how did that happen to them. These thoughts keep wandering around them. Not being with the person depresses them every moment. They loose track of the other important things in life.They elope away with their thoughts.With time they realize what they truly want out of life. They channelize their mind and energy towards other aspects of their life like career, family. For a while, love takes the back seat .

So was it LOVE or was it ATTACHMENT? Or is Love nothing else but attachment!! I am clueless! I leave you with this thought and with these doubts. I hope you get the answers soon!!!