Saturday, 29 December 2012

R.I.P a woman who was not safe in her own country :(

Was just lying on my bed when a thought made way to my mind and I was hell scared to even get out of the bed!

Born and brought up in a family where girls are equally treated as guys.  Where rules set are the same for me and my brother; where my parents introduce me to others with the same pride as they introduce my brother; where I deserve the same respect, love, education, food as my sibling does.  Being born in a family with such liberated mind set, it comes more as a shock then surprise to see people still looking down on the ‘so called weaker gender: Female’.

People are debating; people are protesting trying to bring justice to the recent victim of the gang rape in Delhi. And I lay on my bed contemplating about what happened just a few days back!

On one hand there are these protests happenings, bills getting passed in the parliament of the largest democratic country in the world and on the other hand I know a girl is getting raped in some nook and corner of this country.

If this is what India is, I dread to ever have a daughter.

There is still a section of society that feels a girl is raped or eve teased because she dresses in appropriately.  These losers need to understand that  even a girl in salwaar kameez is raped. Before teaching a girl what she should wear you better teach the guys to exercise self-control. How long will you blame the innocent girls who are getting eve-teased or raped? Is it okay to vandalize their names albeit they being the victims? 

Politicians are trying to pass newer stringent laws. But is this, what India really needs to change? By passing laws we are only targeting the ways to punish the offenders/criminals/culprits. What we actually need to do is make sure we uproot the crime itself!!!

Is Rape, the best a man can do to prove that he is superior to a woman?

Every man has to first start respecting his own mother, girlfriend, wife, and friends.  We need to build up an India where each girl is respected at her home first.  Let us stop telling our sisters, girlfriends, daughters to not wear skirts. Let us not ask them to get back home by 9. 

Let us now tell our guy friends, boyfriends and brothers to respect each girl. It’s time their mind sets change. It’s time a girl is no longer looked down as a sex object. It’s time every girl and every woman be given the freedom and stature she deserves, she wants and she craves for.

As an Indian, I won’t feel proud if India wins the world cup again; I won’t feel proud if we win a dozen medals in the Olympics; I won’t even feel proud if India becomes the best developing nation of the world. 

 I will only be proud of India when I see that every girl lives here without the fear of getting raped without the fear of being a victim of an acid attack and without getting eve teased. Until then I will never be proud of my own country!