Sunday, 18 May 2014

Tale of another Chance!

Have you ever seen a football match where a player scores a goal and the goalkeeper of the opponent team asks for another chance to save it? Have you ever seen a tiger pouncing on its prey and on a whim, giving it another chance to live? Have you ever seen a batsman getting bowled and getting another chance to play?

Second Chances are very rare and limited to a few things in life!

We have heard stories where people lying on their death bed's have wished for another chance to live life, do things differently, follow their hearts or sometimes even unfollow their hearts .

I was almost in a situation where little by little I was drowning myself in something I knew I would never be able to come out of. It is then that a lot of desires came floating up. Some I had shied for long, some unfamiliar, some which were buried deep and some known but always unacknowledged! With so many undone things and a life ahead which had no scope to incorporate them; I felt helpless. But the unpredictbility of life hit me hard. Just when I had lost all hopes, Life gave me a Second Chance!

Second chances are always special because only a lucky few get it, to undo the mistakes of past, to fulfill the unsurfaced desires, to carve out life differently. One shouldn't let that chance go in vain.

As someone rightly said, "GOD didnt give you the strength to get back on your feet so that u can run back to the same thing that knocked u down."

 I am making sure that I break all stereotypes to live my life the way I want to! I am not succumbing to the thoughts of others. I am not stopping myself from doing something, just because others might not like it. I am no more the docile girl who can be influenced and sweet talked to do things people's way. I have started implementing the lessons learnt.

Just don't miss that second chance by hoping that someone would take the necessary actions on your behalf. Be proactive and utilize your second chance to the fullest.

If in the past you weren't able to fulfill your dreams, don't worry. Every tomorrow is a second chance. If you want to travel the world, do it! If you want to spend your life with someone, confess it to them! If you want a better job, start the search! If you hate your work, Quit! If you want to apologize to someone, be brave! If you want to thank someone, be humble!

If you want to do something, do it today! Life is too short to cry over yesterday and contemplate about tomorrow.

~~~~May be it's not always about trying to fix something broken. May be it's about starting over and creating something better!~~~~~

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Wah TAJ !

Since childhood we have memorized that Taj Mahal  is one of the wonders of the world. Watching the magnificent monument on television, in books and newspapers , I had always wondered if it would  exhale the same exuberance when I see it with naked eye.

Filled with excitement I reached Agra.  First look at Taj and I instantly fell short of words. What a perfect blend of beauty and architecture!  Each angle and dimension was just perfect. Symmetric, beautiful and marvelous!

Taj Mahal literally means 'Crown Palace'. As known to all, it was built by the mughal emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his beloved third wife, Mumtaz. It is the most well preserved and architecturally beautiful tomb in the world. It was built using Red Sandstones and pristine white Marbles.

For the inlay and carvings, rare Gemstones like Gold stone, Magnet stone and Semi Precious stones like Turquoise, Onyx, Coral were used.


I was enchanted and mesmerized by its beauty. To me, it is undoubtedly an Epitome of Love!

A must must see master piece!



While we try to teach kids all about life, the kids teach us what life is all about!

I met these kids in a village called Gokul in Uttar Pradesh.

Look at them.

Unlike us, they don't need reasons to smile; they need reasons to fight!

       You've got 86,400 seconds today. Have you used one to smile ?