Thursday, 23 February 2012

The Break Up Saga's…..

Just fed up of the relationship you are in? Don’t know where its heading? Compatibility issues ? Or simply bored?
Here is my analysis on the top 10 Breakups and the Breakup Reasons given by Girls.

  1. Mutual Breakups:                                                                                                                                  This BREAK UP is generally noticed when the relationship is around 4-5years old and it appears no more than a mistake to both of them!

  1. Spontaneous Breakups:                                                                                                              Sometimes everything is going fine and suddenly there is a disagreement or spat which aggravates into an argument and fight. In spontaneity the couple decides to call it quits. They BREAK UP!!

  1. U Have Changed Breakups:                                                                                                            Generally initiated by the girl. She feels the guy she has fallen for is no more the same. He no longer understands her! Quite possible, its not an easy task to understand girls! 

  1. U Cheated On Me Breakups:                                                                                                            Ahh this one’s inspired by the reality show ‘Cheaters’ and ‘Emotional Attyachar’. This Breakup happens when the girl catches her guy getting physically involved with another girl!! And if its her 'Girl Best friend' he was involved with than only GOD can save him. He can't just get away with the BREAK UP.

  1. U Don’t Have Time For Me Breakups:                                                                                                                      Over a period of time, the guy starts taking the girl for granted. He hardly has any time for her. The girl has no option left than to BREAK UP !  
  1. We Were Better Off As Friends Breakups:                                                                                                               When the guy starts getting over her nerves she would simply smile and say lets BREAK UP. We were better off as Friends!!                                                                                        

  1. My Mom Doesn’t Like You Breakups:
Silliest of all but trust me I have seen girls BREAKING UP giving this reason! As if her mom wants to get married to the guy! Neways guys remember you have another test to pass, the 'mom pataofy test'! 

  1. Long Distance Doesn’t Work Breakups:                                                                                                               Girls need a lot of pampering and attention. It ought to suffer when there is the Distance problem. After a few months and after a few online gifts exchanges the Long Distance Relationship turns into a BREAK UP !                                                                                                                                

  1. I Like Someone Else Breakups:                                                                                                                 Sometimes your relationship is too casual and there are a lots of loose strings. You don't realize when your girl is attracted to someone else! Suddenly one day she says she likes someone else she wants a BREAK UP!!                                                                                                                                          
  2.  I Am Bored Of You Breakups:                                                                                                               Some guys are very interesting during the courtship period but once in relationship they become dull and monotonous! Their personality can never change the best option out is a BREAK UP!!

I am sure you were able to relate to at least one of them. If no, I would love to listen to your story. Leave a comment surely!!! 

"A break up is like a broken mirror. It is better to leave it broken than hurt yourself to fix it." :)

Monday, 20 February 2012

Give it a thought!

With increasing number of Indians switching over to the ways and living of West, Indian Culture is loosing its shine!

I have grown up celebrating festivals like Diwali, Holi, Raksha Bandhan, Makar Sakranti etc however as a kid I don’t remember celebrating a special day for loved ones! For us everyday was to be celebrated as a day of Love. But with time things have changed, we need a special day to show our love to the people who are close to us! Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Daughter’s Day and what not.

India is loosing its vividness, originality to the traditions of west. We try to ape them in all things without even analyzing their ways of living.

Have you ever thought why they celebrate these days?
Their lifestyle is one with independence and lateral thinking. The start living on their own and bearing their expenses at an early age. With time their life starts moving on a different track and at an age when their parents actually need them they part ways! As a result these special days of the year make it possible for them to catch up with their loved ones at least once a year.

On the contrary, we believe in loving our close ones and caring for them everyday. Unlike the west, we Indians live our lives which are connected to our loved ones.Our activities are synchronized with our family members and friends. We believe in living with our parents even after growing up,which doesn’t mean we are loosing on our independence. It means we don’t consider our parents as liabilities.

Its on us to keep our identities intact or loose it with a blink of an eye. There is something that sets us apart and we must make sure we don’t let it go away.

When we walk into a store to buy clothes, we normally prefer picking up something we haven’t seen anyone wearing. Reason?
No one wants to be a follower, everyone wants to be a trendsetter. In the same way India stands out because of its unique culture, the rich heritage, the diverse art and dance forms etc. Following the west in everything might not set you apart from the crowd, it will make you part of the herd. 

There is so much in our culture to be explored that I feel even a lifetime would be less. India's tradition and culture be it the food, our clothes, our dance forms, our mythology is worth carrying forward! It's is like a plant , u need to water it  regularly , take its care so that it doesn't die!!

Let us not let our culture and heritage die!! It can shine bright in the sky, it just needs a way to get there!!!!