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Let there be light!


~~~ Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that. ~~~

Monday, 30 September 2013

Ambi Pur Mini Vent Clip - Good things come in small packages!

"Nehaaaaa!" I heard my dad shrieking.

Almost with my heart thudding I ran to the living room only to find my dad staring at the ambipur vent lying on the dining table.

"Dad, you scared me to death. Why on earth would you call out my name so loud that even our neighbors would wake up from deep slumber."

"May I ask you why you have purchased this car freshener despite my thousand warnings?"

"I have not purchased it. This has come from Ambipur for product review"

"Neha, dare you put this in car. Don't you know it causes irritation in my nose. These car freshners have strong smells causing constant irritation in my nose. I end up sneezing all the time!"

"Dad, this is an Ambipur product! Not like any other local air freshner. It has a natural fragnance and what harm does it cause in trying once?"

"What can I say? It's never this way or that way. Its always your way!" replied Dad. Utterly disappointed by my behaviour dad left the room.

I smiled wickedly. Probably he was right. Somehow at home things happened as I desired. But this time I was sure my pick was the right one.

I unpacked the product to scrutinize it further.  It looked way better than the conventional car fresheners. Small and compact it was just the perfect size for the dashboard. It was easy to fix as well. I just had to push the clip upwards and then clamp it on the AC vent. After clamping it, the pleasant smell spread into the car  within seconds. It completely transformed my mood. It was neither too strong nor too mild. It was just blissful.

The next day I and Dad had to drive to Pune for some work. As he entered the car, initially he thought I had worn a nice perfume. But later he realized the enticing fragrance originated from the Ambipur Car Vent he had been so negative about.

"Ahh! It is such a fine smell. Looks like I was wrong about your Ambipur" , Dad exclaimed.

I just smiled victoriously realizing that Ambi Pur was my car's boyfriend which got finally approved by my dad.

Our drive to Pune was a #FreshNHappy one. Old Hindi songs playing in the background and the mild fragrance of Ambipur dangling in the air. It had magically swallowed the damp smell of rains that had been lingering in the car. My dad didn't sneeze even once. On the contrary he felt so relaxed that he had fallen asleep. It is one of the best drives I had to Pune.

Going by its small size I was not sure if it would even last the 30 days it claimed. However I was proved wrong. It not just lasted more than 30 days but also the smell did not go weak till the end. It is a powerful and easy to install car freshener that eliminates odor instantly. It comes in 5 redolence: Sky Breeze, Light Citrus, Thai Dragon Fruit, Lavender comfort, New Zealand Springs.

Tried, Tested and Recommended to all road travelers!

Ambi Pur Mini Vent Clip- Sky Breeze

This post is my #FRESHNHAPPY Experience of Ambi Pur Mini Vent Clip. For more information check out the Facebook Page of Ambi Pur :

Somebody HELP me!

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Help Meeeee....

Sunday, 29 September 2013

Panki Hanuman Temple, Kanpur

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On the outskirts of Kanpur is located the ancient Panki Temple. The small temple has a magnificent Hanuman idol embossed with silver artwork.

~~~Be the Spark that ignites the Flame~~~~

The temple is home to a lot of monkeys. These pranksters linger around in its vicinity. Running, jumping, playing & enjoying all the time. They literally add life to the the temple.

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Guest Post for a Tech Blog

A few days back, a regular reader of my blog who is also a fellow blogger requested me to write a guest post for his newly launched website called appinfo revolving around the latest and useful apps.

I generally avoid writing technical posts but I really liked his blog. The aesthetics, navigation and posts everything looked just perfect. The best way I could appreciate was by reviewing an interesting app.

My guest post is about an app called Evernote. Evernote is like an organizer that keeps track of your work, deadlines and syncs data across various devices. 

To know interesting things about the app do check the below link to the post:

Please go through the blog post and share your feedback about the same.


Saturday, 14 September 2013

Flash Your Magical Card

It is a known fact that shopping is an exuberant activity however in Mumbai the whole experience of shopping has somehow become more of a punishment. The humidity and the traffic here makes sure the pleasure of purchasing nice stuff turns to be a misery.  The malls are overcrowded and most of the times you have to pick things in haste. One begins the shopping all excited and rapturous but at the end of it becomes cranky & frazzled!

So when I think of the future world of shopping a lot of things come to my mind. But 2030 is not too far away. It seems like so close. A realistic expectation would be to see a convenient shopping experience. Instead of me going to buyers, they coming to my house to sell stuff. I foresee that every individual would possess a shopping card (just like adhaar card or ration card). This card will be an unique identification for an individual  in the shopping world and will be valid across all small & big shops including malls and local kirana wala's.

What will be the content of this card?

This card shall carry details of the cardholder including their bank account numbers, mobile numbers and all addresses. It will also have a GPS chip which will keep track of the cardholder's location all the time. So whether the person is sleeping, dancing, travelling, gyming, swimming or bathing his/her location will get traced by the central server with the help of the GPS chip on your card. It will also have the account history i.e. information of cardholder's previous purchases.

The Card will have a natural interface. By that I mean all instructions will be passed through hand gestures and the results will be seen in virtual screen created in air.

How will all this help?

Whenever a person wishes to buy something, all they need to do is enter the product description through the natural interface. All matching items from various shops across the city will get listed on the virtual screen. The individual can pick the best one and an alert will go to the vendor along with the person's current location. The location will be traced by the shopping card.

The person doesn't have to worry about paying the bill. He/She can virtually swipe their card. As the card and account details are stored in the shopping card, it gets automatically transferred to the vendor over a secured channel when the person sends confirmation message through his registered number that he wants to buy the product. The vendor in return will send a message of the Bill and estimated time of delivery of the product.

The card shall also be able to create a virtual trial room where the virtual clone of cardholder will try the shortlisted clothes , shoes make up etc. Thus, without trying one will be able to choose stuff that looks best on them.

Easy! Ain't it?

Not to worry about travelling, visiting a number of shops and carrying heavy baggages. Just sheer happiness of buying the best available stuff across the city and getting it delivered at the door step!

This is not all. The crawlers will check the history of purchases and browsing history available on the card to analyse the individual's taste, preferences and needs. With this result they will analyze what  are the best suited items in the market and send alerts for the same. One will also be allowed to block vendors on the card. This shall ensure that the cardholder doesn't get any alerts from that particular vendor.

 This card looks like a multi tasking genious. Hence, my friends I shall take the liberty to call it a 'Magical Card' as it will magically turn our lives and conventional styles of shopping upside down!

This is an entry for the contest ' The Future Of Shopping' on Indiblogger powered by ebay.

Friday, 13 September 2013

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Reminiscing About The Good Old Rainy Days.

When it comes to childhood, I have had my own lovely time with mindless stupid things. I was an over enthusiastic, active kid who always wanted to play, play and only play.

Monsoons would disturb my entire schedule. I would be restricted at home and specifically to my room playing the boring girlie games. I would then get on a mission to create my own games and involve my younger brothers to be a part of it. Owing to the rains the entire house would turn into a clothes rack. Every where there would be strings dangling and wet clothes hanging on them. The moldy and musty smell would linger on for days until there was a bright sunny day.

3 Musketeers

In these rainy days, I would use my grandpa's umbrella turn it down then cover it with a bed sheet. Thus making it look like a small tent. I would make make two more tents for my younger brothers. We would then set up an entire village and enact stories from the famous Panchatantra book.

The musty, damp smell of the room would never bother us. We would be more interested in our play. We would learn the lines and rehearse the story a couple of times. At the end of the day we would present the skit to the entire family. Our special performances would be applauded.

Till today the wet clothes and the damp smell remind me of my childhood days when the only stress was to complete the homework. When there was enough time to play, talk, watch television and spend quality time with family. Those were the best days of my life.

There is another nostalgic memory associated with rains and the fragrance of wet soil. Some years back I had been to Rajasthan for my holidays. It was the end of June and rains were expected anytime.  In a day or so Rajasthan received the first showers of rain. As the droplets of water touched the ground, the parched land looked completely rejuvenated. The result was an enticing fragrance all around.

I felt the instant urge to dance in the rains and enjoy the smell of the wet sand properly. I walked to the terrace of my house. As I reached the terrace, what I saw left me speechless. A peacock was dancing at one end of the terrace with its plumage spread out. I just stood there like a piece of rock. My senses were totally enchanted by the peacock dance and  petrichor.

As quoted by Helen Keler
~~~Smell is a potent wizard that transports us across thousands of miles and all years we have lived~~~

I have come to realize its not just pictures but Fragrances and Smells too that create memories! I have my collection of them what about you?

This is an entry for the contest 'Smelly to Smiley' on IndiBlogger sponsored by AmbiPur. Visit their page to know more:

My Happy Travel to The Last Paradise on Earth

Just like I hate to leave a book midway. I wouldn't want to leave the world unexplored. I wish to make memories all around the world. I consider vacations as a time to seclude myself from the regular hustle bustle and just relax & rejuvenate.

The one place that takes my breath away is Bali, a beautiful island in Indonesia. If ever I get a chance I would love to visit this island with my friends/ family. Located just south to the equator, Bali is called the last paradise. It will win you over with its beauty and beaches.

Bali has a population of about 4.22 million people and is home to most of Indonesian Hindu minority. There are direct flights to Bali from India. Also, it has Visa on arrival for India and other selected countries. Hence it will reduce our overhead of planning months before the trip. If we compare the currency, 1 INR is equivalent to almost 172 Indonesian Rupiah. Thus, ensuring the trip is pocket friendly for me and my friends.
The biggest reason why I picked Bali is that its not just a place for nature lovers but also for adventure freaks. We will be able to balance time between nature trails and adrenaline rush.

A beautiful sunset in company of friends would be something to die for. We would visit Ku De Ta, a place in Seminyak. It is an outdoor bar on the ocean front and one of the best places to enjoy the sunset. Tanah Lot  a sea draped temple is another ideal place to enjoy sunset.

Next on the list would be a temple in Uluwatu which is home to a number of wild monkeys. The temple is perched at steep cliff of 70 meters above the Indian Ocean. A perfect place for Photography lovers like me and my friends. We would put our cameras to their best use.


A peculiar thing about Bali is its rich and distinct culture. Kecak Dance form of Bali believed to be gifted to the Balinese by a German artist, is a performance not to be missed at any cost.  This dance-drama has no instruments just vocal chords. We would enjoy the evening show of this dance at Uluwatu temple. It depicts the Hindu epic, Ramayana.
  • Kecak Dance

Another exciting thing we would look forward to in Bali would be the Dolphin sighting at Lovina. It is considered as one of best places to sight dolphins in boats. As a kid, whenever I saw 'Free Willy' I would wonder for days whether Dolphins actually existed on planet Earth. Visiting Lovina I would clear all my doubts.


Next is a climb to Mount Batur in East of Bali. We would do the sunrise hike on this active volcano and enjoy the breath taking view from all sides of the peak.  The other adventure activity that I plan to enjoy would be the river rafting at the longest and largest river at Bali i.e. Ayung.

Mount Batur

Having never tried Snorkeling we would go to the Menjangan island in the far west of Bali. After reaching there we would hire a boatman and ask him to take us to the reefs. I am sure the alluring flora and fauna will  cast its spell over us.

Ubud, a town in central Bali will be one of the places in our list to be covered. It's famous as an arts, dance, food and crafts hub. It is a place that illuminates the culture of Bali.

Do you know about the Bali Wayang?
Wayang means Puppet.  Once in a while it's good to set that kid in you free! One evening we would dedicate to the traditional Balinese Wayang. It's a shadow puppet show.

Food will be a very important aspect of our travel. We would treat ourselves to the scrumptious and authentic Balinese delicacies in an award wining Balinese Restaurant called Bumbu Pali. To name a few dishes: Nasi Goreng, Rujak, Tahu, Tempe and Sambal. Rujak is a refreshing sweet and sour salad made of unripe fruits like mango and papaya. Sambal is a spicy sauce. Nasi Goreng is a stir fried rice mixed with a variety of spices.

Rujak- Bali Dish

A very authentic drink of Bali is called the 'Brem'. Its a special wine prepared from Rice. It is a sweet drink made from sticky rice. Rice is cooked for hours, yeast is added to it and then its fermented for 3 days.

Every trip is incomplete without the souvenirs. We would  take back the wood carvings designed in the Mas Village of Bali for our family and friends in India.

A visit to Bali is undoubtedly a complete package of good food, great entertainment and solicited peace. I am sure a trip like this will be a once in a lifetime experience for me and my friends.  I strongly feel that it's not always about destinations, sometimes its about the journey. This journey with my closest friends to the place which is closest to my heart will be an Unforgettable and Happiest one.

This post is written for the 'Creating Happy Travellers' contest powered by Yatra and Indiblogger.

Monday, 9 September 2013

Sunday, 8 September 2013

I guess it will Rain!

~~~~Some people are like clouds, when they disappear it's a brighter day. Choose instead to be the sun and show the world your inner light~~~~

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Can you spot the Butterfly??

Amidst the lush green thick forests of Abey Falls in Coorg, I spotted this black lustrous  butterfly a little unsure of what it wanted. Flying haphazardly but at the end settling on this branch.

Where is the Butterfly??

Still clueless?

Here it is!

Happiness is a butterfly, which when pursued, is always just beyond your grasp, but which, if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you.
~Nathaniel Hawthorne ~

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Unveiling the Mude Idli

On our drive to Coorg, we halted  for breakfast at a restaurant called 'Kamat Lokaruchi' located on Banglore-Mysore Highway. I happened to spot a weird name on its menu.  It looked interesting hence courageously I decided to give it a try.

It was called the Mude Idli, a regular steamed Idli but wrapped in a leaf probably plantain.

Wrapped Mude Idli

Hungry kya?

unveiling the Idli

Doesn't it look yummy?

With the scrumptious sambhar and coconut chutney , it indeed tasted great! Do give it a try if you pass by the restaurant.

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Perfect Timing

With my newly purchased DSLR even such naive clicks make me feel awesome. What do you have to say about them?

This cock like bird, originates from Africa and is called a Guinea Fowl.

Guinea Fowl

Aligned diagonally


Photography is about Perfect Timing. Isn't it?

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Renedezous of 3 Idiots

As quoted by Virginia Woolf
               "Some people go to priests; others to poetry; I to my friends”

Couldn't have agreed more. Life looks much simpler by just being around the right people. Those right ones are Best Friends. :)

Pune the city with which I share a love-hate relationship has somehow been very kind to me in terms of Friendships. It has gifted me friends that I can cherish for a lifetime.

B-R-E-A-K was what I needed desperately. A holiday with people who have known me long enough to decipher the unspoken words. Who have seen me getting out of plights and fights. Who have known my small secrets and big blunders. It could be none other than my Engineering Friends : Fatty and Catty.

3 Idiots

After a lot of plans being made and dissolved we finally zeroed down on a place called Coorg which is close to Banglore. We three idiots belong to different religious backgrounds, have different mind sets, live in different cities but are glued together with a strong bond of friendship. A friendship of more than 7 years. A friendship that sailed through tough times but emerged as a winner. 

I, Fatty and Catty were set to relive our college days. We geared up for our journey full of incessant talks, good food, crazy ideas, juicy gossips and devilish laughs. The trip surprisingly did go as per the plan. Amidst the lush greenery we reminisced about our college days. We poured our hearts out to each other and laughed uncontrollably over silly things.  We just let ourselves free for those 3 days.

Now that I am back from the trip I can say that my heart was so much in need of those good times. I am  all charged up to battle out the mundane life & monotonous work with my everlasting smile.

I say Good Friends are the medicine for a healthy and long life. Stay connected and close to them. :)

PS: Catty and Fatty are not their real names or for that matter even nick names. These names are  used in the post to keep their identities hidden.  Icing on the cake is they are going to hate these names.

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Reliance Digital Store - Yahi hai Right Choice Baby Aha!!

As part of the IndiBlogger Community one is entitled to surprises every day. Exciting events, meets, contests keep coming your way. Recently, Reliance Digital in association with IndiBlogger invited bloggers to visit any one of their stores in Mumbai.  The Bloggers would be taken on a tour of the store where the respective store managers would market the fast growing Reliance Digital brand.

Reliance Digital, Croma, Ezone & Vijay Sales. To me except the name nothing seems different about these stores. They are huge stores, selling the same products at almost the same rates. At the end every person picks a store that’s convenient to them. Hence to enrich my knowledge, I was all set to explore the store and understand how it was better than its competitors.

I had opted for the store in Infinity Mall, Malad.

Firstly, I loved the Red, White and Blue theme of the store. It attracts customers. If you are visiting the mall for the first time, I am sure you wouldn't give this store a miss.


In the store we were greeted by Mr Vishal, the Store Manager who gave us a brief tour of the store highlighting their strong points. Everything revolved around the customer- feasibility, affordability, satisfaction. The underlying principle was to make sure the customer is happy with whatever purchase they make and return to reliance for their next purchase. As their tag line says, they are on  'Mission Happiness'.

When I went about exploring the galactic store I realized they practice what they preach.  Customer is truly treated as the King here. Following is what I found!

Convenience & Comfort of the Customer:

There are plethora of products from kitchen appliances to electronics; from personal grooming to gaming devices.

Wide range of Products

The sections are very well segregated. When you enter the store there is an area defined for electronic appliances likes laptops, computers and mobile phones. There is a separate section for Television sets and Home Theater systems. there is another section for Refrigerators and Washing Machines.

What is interesting is that all related sections are close or clubbed together for the convenience of the customer. Like the Laptop accessories are kept close to the laptop section; Lens are kept close to DSLR section. The food processors, irons are close to microwaves and juicers. The PlayStation CD's were close to the PlayStation.

Playstation and CD's(right)

Also, every section has the products placed as per the relevance, preference and choice of customers. For instance the television section occupies a huge area with a lot of variety in brand and types.  So at the center of the section you will find the latest technology and hottest running product displayed. As you move towards the end you will find the outdated products and lesser known brands. In case of television section, at the center you find smart televisions, later on the LED's and at the end the plasma television.

Panorama View- Television Section

Shop in Shop

They have various individual brand shops with the sales person from the company deployed to guide and help the customers whenever required. You can differentiate between the company sales person and store by the color of their shirts. The one's that are sent from the company are dressed in White and the one's from the Reliance Store are dressed in Blue. Neither of the sales people are pushy. They are helpful, friendly and have good knowledge. They give you genuine facts about the products and at the end leave it upto you to decide which one to buy.

Shop In Shop

Learning Wall:

Customer  understands his/her requirements and gauges the pros and cons before opting for a product.

In the picture below, check the markings made on the floor. These markings mention the distance from the screen. Thus helping customers pick the best suitable Television for their home.

Also, the Windows8 laptops are segregated as per their use: Entertainment, Office or Study. So, the customer depending on his requirements checks the laptops in the relevant section. Thus saving a lot of time.

Last Product:

A lot of times we are hoodwinked by merchants when they sell us a product which is to get discontinued soon. In Reliance Digital Store, that last piece of any products which is going to be discontinued by the company is sold with a nominal margin keeping the customer informed that it is the Last Piece.

Last Piece

ResQ Care Plan:

In comparison to buying a product, a lot of efforts go into maintaining it. I am sure you must have been into situations where your Laptop, Air Conditioner or Washing Machine must have broken down and you had to wait for one whole week to get it fixed.  All this while you had to keep following up with the company to get your work done.


Reliance saves you from this trouble. It offers you a unique ResQ Care Plan where in at the time of purchasing a product you can opt for a paid extended store warranty. This will save you the hard work of following up on your complain. In case of an issue, they claim to respond to your complain with a solution within 48hrs.:)

Reconnect- In house Brand
Reconnect is a Reliance brand that covers a variety of products including Air Conditioners, Washing Machines, Smart Phones, Television and Tablets.The entire range is sourced from the world’s top electronics manufacturers and comes with a 2 year warranty. The ‘Reconnect’ brand philosophy is to become a preferred brand that is easy on the consumers’ minds i.e. very attractive to the eye, easy to operate, and at the same time, quite easy on the purse as well.

Finally as I was about to leave, I saw a wheel chair at the gate. It brought a smile to my face and Reminded me of the lines that the store manager quoted: "We care for our customers".

Overall an A+ experience.

Look and Feel: A+
Product Range: A (lacks in kitchen appliances)
Staff: A (Not too pushy, Not too interfering. It might give one a feeling that they are uninterested in helping)
Customer Satisfaction: A+
Offers: A+

Mission Happiness Accomplished!!

This post is written for the The Reliance Digital Experience Contest powered by IndiBlogger.

Saturday, 15 June 2013

WeChat- Let our voices unite

How much ever I try to forget the Dreadful December 16th night I am hardly able to. Let’s sway back to the month of December 2012. After the news of the Nirbhaya gang rape broke, the nation saw a huge outbreak. What preceded was an endless blame game. The Common man blamed the government; opposition party blamed the ruling party, ruling party blamed the law enforcement, few dimwit religious leaders blamed the victim.  6 months have passed since the incident took place but girls are still getting molested, raped and abused.

I invited Barkha Dutt to host ‘We the People’ on my WeChat group (Easiest, Cheapest & Best way to connect with anyone anywhere anytime) with following members to discuss the issue of Women Safety in India.
Nirbhaya- The Most Courageous Woman

Me-The Girl Next Door

Sonia Gandhi - Madamji                                      Manmohan Singh - PM (Puppet of Madamji )

Blossom- PowerPuff Girl                                              Kabir Khan - Coach from 'Chakh De India'                                                                                                                                              

 Kiran Bedi- First IPS officer of India                                    Barkha Dutt- The host


Barkha Dutt: Nirbhaya tumhare balidaan ke bavajud iss desh mein kuch khaas badlav nahi aaya tumhe kya lagtaaaa ha……

Sonia Gandhi interrupts in between.
Sonia Gandhi: I beg your pardon. Albeit my stay of almost 4 decades in this country, I am not that comfortable with the national language.  Do you mind if we have the chat in English.

Manmohan Singh: Koi baat nahi madamjee. Ohh Sorry, I mean not a problem Madamjii.

I sigh and Barkha starts again……

Barkha Dutt: So Nirbhaya post the tragic incident that happened with you, the nation witnessed a revolution. However, there has been no end to the atrocities against women. Who do you think is at fault? 

Nirbhaya: I think we can’t blame one person.  The root cause is our Indian mind set which is accustomed to believe, women is a door mat. Society thinks it’s okay to  abuse a woman and walk all over her.  As much as the mind sets need to be changed, the government also needs to provide better safety and security for the women

Barkha Dutt: Right. So Mrs Gandhi where has the government gone wrong?

Sonia Gandhi:  Government has tried its best to improve the condition. We will try and give the Dalits , the scheduled caste and Muslims the best protection. We will ensure they have good growth.

Manmohan Singh: Yes Madam. You are right.

Me: Soniyaji we are talking about Women in general and not about the different castes and sub castes of Indian Soiety.

Sonia Gandhi: Ok ya women. Sorry got confused with today's show and my election speech. We will start by spreading awareness. We will introduce sex education in schools. We will train the policemen. But what are these super heroes doing? It's also their responsibility to take care of the world!

Blossom: Fighting Crime, Trying to save the world. Here we come just in time… The Powerpuff, powerpuff girls. What are you saying Mrs Gandhi! How can it be our fault? We have so much work to do. The Government's inefficiency is seen everywhere! We are just handful of us(super heroes) covering the world's population of so many billions. With the crime rates increasing day by day , I guess we need to have recruitments in our team.

Me: I guess , you superheroes have done your bit. Government as usual has tall claims to make but how much will it live up to those claims? The need of the hour is we raise our voices and make ourselves heard. The Government responds only after that.

Barkha Dutt:  Very nice point made by Neha Sharma, our panelist representing aam junta .
We also have Mr Kabir Khan, a successful hockey player and coach of Indian Women Hockey team with us. Mr Khan, you are someone who has believed in Woman Power and channelized energies of 16 very strong women in the right direction helping team India to a glorious victory in the ‘World Championship’. How do you think can Women stand for the injustice against them?

Kabir Khan: I believe in ‘Nari Shakti’. Every woman has to make herself strong and self sufficient to fight for herself. Only if she believes in herself will the world believe in her. "Andar ka Darr nikalna jaruri hai. Har ladai ko aise lado jaise kal ho na ho" Do not fear anyone or anything when you know you are right. This world is as much yours as it is of the Men.

Nirbhaya: I fought. I fought with the 6 monsters as much as I could. But then my body gave up. I was thrown out of the moving bus like a piece of thrash. I lied there naked for hours. People passed by no one helped. Police Vehicles passed by but did not offer help. Everybody turned away. How can a woman fight alone? Is it not the responsibility of the government and every citizen to fight when we see something wrong happening?

Me: I pity the people who shut their eyes on you. GOD forbids but it could have been their daughter, mother, sister, friend in your place that night. If it can happen to you it can also happen to others. Also, its equal responsibility of the leaders we elect to enforce stringent laws against such culprits. So that every man shudders with even the thought of doing something like this. Prime Ministerji I do not see any action been taken against them.

Manmohan Singh: Ahh. What can I say! Soniya ji will you please answer this question?

Sonia Gandhi: Yes yes we will. We will take strict action against the culprits.

Kiran Bedi: Strict actions when? You have taken people, the citizens of this country for granted. It's been 6 months Nirbhaya's case happened. It was an open and shut case. What major progress have you made? What have you done for the Women of the country? We need better transportation, better laws, better security, better education and better life for every woman of this country.

Sonia Gandhi: For all this you need to elect us again for the next term.

Manmohan Singh:  Bilkul sahi kaha Madamji.

Blossom: I now understand everything. The biggest culprits are these politicians. I think the next mission of our superhero team should be to eliminate such fools.

Kiran Bedi: Yes Blossom. I guess we need to tackle these morons first.

Blossom and Kiran Bedi leave the group chat with a hope to chalk out a plan to teach the politicians of this country a good lesson.

Barkha Dutt: How do you feel today Nirbhaya looking at the state of Indian Women?

Nirbhaya: India is a country where Maa Durga, a woman is worshiped as GOD. It is shameful that in the same India, women are disrespected, denied education, killed even before they are born, raped and eve teased. I feel indignant, infuriated and vindictive. But I have still not lost hope. I have faith in the citizens of this country. Post the unfateful night, when I saw people standing up for me, I had a hope that I will get justice. We need to teach the culprits a lesson so that every woman can walk freely in every nook and corner of this country. The Country needs to unite, the citizens need to unite to pressurize the government to take an action against anyone who dares to commit such heinous crimes against women.

Barkha Dutt: On that note of hope and unity, I conclude 'We The People' , WeChat session. I thank all the participants to have joined us from and outside planet Earth.

The above post is written for WeChat contest for Indiblogger.  Check out WeChat on YouTube.
Don't forget to check out WeChat's Youtube channel. - See more at:
Don't forget to check out WeChat's Youtube channel. - See more at: