Saturday, 14 September 2013

Flash Your Magical Card

It is a known fact that shopping is an exuberant activity however in Mumbai the whole experience of shopping has somehow become more of a punishment. The humidity and the traffic here makes sure the pleasure of purchasing nice stuff turns to be a misery.  The malls are overcrowded and most of the times you have to pick things in haste. One begins the shopping all excited and rapturous but at the end of it becomes cranky & frazzled!

So when I think of the future world of shopping a lot of things come to my mind. But 2030 is not too far away. It seems like so close. A realistic expectation would be to see a convenient shopping experience. Instead of me going to buyers, they coming to my house to sell stuff. I foresee that every individual would possess a shopping card (just like adhaar card or ration card). This card will be an unique identification for an individual  in the shopping world and will be valid across all small & big shops including malls and local kirana wala's.

What will be the content of this card?

This card shall carry details of the cardholder including their bank account numbers, mobile numbers and all addresses. It will also have a GPS chip which will keep track of the cardholder's location all the time. So whether the person is sleeping, dancing, travelling, gyming, swimming or bathing his/her location will get traced by the central server with the help of the GPS chip on your card. It will also have the account history i.e. information of cardholder's previous purchases.

The Card will have a natural interface. By that I mean all instructions will be passed through hand gestures and the results will be seen in virtual screen created in air.

How will all this help?

Whenever a person wishes to buy something, all they need to do is enter the product description through the natural interface. All matching items from various shops across the city will get listed on the virtual screen. The individual can pick the best one and an alert will go to the vendor along with the person's current location. The location will be traced by the shopping card.

The person doesn't have to worry about paying the bill. He/She can virtually swipe their card. As the card and account details are stored in the shopping card, it gets automatically transferred to the vendor over a secured channel when the person sends confirmation message through his registered number that he wants to buy the product. The vendor in return will send a message of the Bill and estimated time of delivery of the product.

The card shall also be able to create a virtual trial room where the virtual clone of cardholder will try the shortlisted clothes , shoes make up etc. Thus, without trying one will be able to choose stuff that looks best on them.

Easy! Ain't it?

Not to worry about travelling, visiting a number of shops and carrying heavy baggages. Just sheer happiness of buying the best available stuff across the city and getting it delivered at the door step!

This is not all. The crawlers will check the history of purchases and browsing history available on the card to analyse the individual's taste, preferences and needs. With this result they will analyze what  are the best suited items in the market and send alerts for the same. One will also be allowed to block vendors on the card. This shall ensure that the cardholder doesn't get any alerts from that particular vendor.

 This card looks like a multi tasking genious. Hence, my friends I shall take the liberty to call it a 'Magical Card' as it will magically turn our lives and conventional styles of shopping upside down!

This is an entry for the contest ' The Future Of Shopping' on Indiblogger powered by ebay.


  1. Interesting for sure. I am sure we are about to see a lot of breakthrough in years to come.

  2. with the way electronics industry is developing .. things gonna to reach our way !in coming year !

  3. this looks far better than the aadhar card, truly magical. :) dropping by from indiblogger
    Cool one for the contest!
    All the best

  4. Good thoughts.. and how to prevent misuse?

  5. Eagerly waiting for 2030 to come... :)

    All the best for the contest :)

  6. Liked the ultra focus on the magical card and the way 'natural interface' was brought into play.

    Arvind Passey

  7. Indeed Interesting Idea..Good Luck for the contest.. :)

  8. Captivating post indeed.
    Nice blog by the way!