Monday, 30 September 2013

Ambi Pur Mini Vent Clip - Good things come in small packages!

"Nehaaaaa!" I heard my dad shrieking.

Almost with my heart thudding I ran to the living room only to find my dad staring at the ambipur vent lying on the dining table.

"Dad, you scared me to death. Why on earth would you call out my name so loud that even our neighbors would wake up from deep slumber."

"May I ask you why you have purchased this car freshener despite my thousand warnings?"

"I have not purchased it. This has come from Ambipur for product review"

"Neha, dare you put this in car. Don't you know it causes irritation in my nose. These car freshners have strong smells causing constant irritation in my nose. I end up sneezing all the time!"

"Dad, this is an Ambipur product! Not like any other local air freshner. It has a natural fragnance and what harm does it cause in trying once?"

"What can I say? It's never this way or that way. Its always your way!" replied Dad. Utterly disappointed by my behaviour dad left the room.

I smiled wickedly. Probably he was right. Somehow at home things happened as I desired. But this time I was sure my pick was the right one.

I unpacked the product to scrutinize it further.  It looked way better than the conventional car fresheners. Small and compact it was just the perfect size for the dashboard. It was easy to fix as well. I just had to push the clip upwards and then clamp it on the AC vent. After clamping it, the pleasant smell spread into the car  within seconds. It completely transformed my mood. It was neither too strong nor too mild. It was just blissful.

The next day I and Dad had to drive to Pune for some work. As he entered the car, initially he thought I had worn a nice perfume. But later he realized the enticing fragrance originated from the Ambipur Car Vent he had been so negative about.

"Ahh! It is such a fine smell. Looks like I was wrong about your Ambipur" , Dad exclaimed.

I just smiled victoriously realizing that Ambi Pur was my car's boyfriend which got finally approved by my dad.

Our drive to Pune was a #FreshNHappy one. Old Hindi songs playing in the background and the mild fragrance of Ambipur dangling in the air. It had magically swallowed the damp smell of rains that had been lingering in the car. My dad didn't sneeze even once. On the contrary he felt so relaxed that he had fallen asleep. It is one of the best drives I had to Pune.

Going by its small size I was not sure if it would even last the 30 days it claimed. However I was proved wrong. It not just lasted more than 30 days but also the smell did not go weak till the end. It is a powerful and easy to install car freshener that eliminates odor instantly. It comes in 5 redolence: Sky Breeze, Light Citrus, Thai Dragon Fruit, Lavender comfort, New Zealand Springs.

Tried, Tested and Recommended to all road travelers!

Ambi Pur Mini Vent Clip- Sky Breeze

This post is my #FRESHNHAPPY Experience of Ambi Pur Mini Vent Clip. For more information check out the Facebook Page of Ambi Pur :

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