Sunday, 11 December 2011


Ek muskurate hue chehre pe,
aansu jhalkadein.
Unn nami bhari aankhon ko,
hasna seekhadein.
Kuch Bachpan ki yaadein,
Kuch youvan ki baatein.
Bus yeh yaadein hee toh hain,
joh humein jeena seekhate!!!!!!

Yaadon ka sagar bada gehra hai,
Har yaad se judaa koi chehra hai,
Un chehron ko hum dekh naa paate,
Bus yaadon se he khush ho jaate!!!!

Yeh yaadein ek bhuchal hai,
Sunhare palon ka yeh janjaal hai!
Chai ki chuskiyon ka mazzaa dugna ho jaata,
Jab purani yaadon ka diya jagmagata!!!!!

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Luv Shuv....... ;)

Love is not finding someone to live with, it's finding someone you can't live without.

Let me now take you on a rollercoaster ride called LOVE. It has a lot of ups and downs. There are times when you skip a heartbeat. There are times when you cry and scream in anxiety. But at the end of the ride you feel you conquered the world.

It often happens that we come across couples who look good together. We tag them as ‘made for each other’. There is this magical chemistry that they share. You feel like observing them closely to get that magical element in your own life. I think instead of getting that secret ingredient, one should try getting that right person in one’s life. When you have the right person rest all falls in place.

90% of the guys I have met know what kind of a girl they want to spend their lives with. They are pretty clear about the qualities that expect. It isn’t that tedious for them to decide if they have fallen for someone. On the other hand girls often go bonkers deciding who to settle down with. They are not that choosy while falling in love although they show otherwise. The one thing that all girls secretly hope or expect from a guy is he should be mad for her. In fact, for most of the girls the case is that the guy falls for them and after a while she starts reciprocating the same feeling.

So when do you know that a guy loves you?
When he notices the smallest change in you, doesn’t get tired of complimenting you. When he figures out hundred silly reasons to just catch a glimpse of you. When he touches you and the feel of the touch is different. When his stares are quite longer than the usual. When your silliest joke makes him laugh like a nut case.

I surmise, LOVE isn’t that complicated.
You don’t have to follow a check list each time. All the love you want, reflects in his eye.  Whenever you are unsure, uncertain about the fact that he loves you, just look into his eye. If a guy loves you all that he wants is you, all that he desires is you. And his eyes truly say this. His eyes would just want to penetrate yours. His one stare would make you feel safe and protected.

Nothing more nothing lesss ….just look across in his eye and they would say it all……


Saturday, 26 November 2011

That thing called......LIFE

Off late I have been picking up positive signs in the things around me. I keep reading the quotes by famous people and motivate myself, charge up myself when I am low. In today’s time everyday is struggle. Problems enter and exit everyday. These ups and downs make you what you are.

An article in TOI under the editorial section had a few lines which would boost that zeal inside you. It said 'In life, everyone is denied a few things. But all of us have been blessed with millions of gifts. If you focus on what you do not have, you will be unhappy. If you choose to focus on the things you have, you are grateful and you develop an irresistible desire to share, contribute, and give. This makes you happy'.

We keep cribbing about the things we lack, changes we expect, changes we are denied! But we overlook what we have. We complain about the problems but we forget that we have been given the strength to tackle them. Nothing is permanent. Neither the happiness nor the pain would stay with you. The fact is that even a dear one’s death doesn’t bring our lives to a standstill. We are bounded by our responsibilities, roles and have to move back on the track.

The best way to live life is don’t expect just keep moving………

Take each day as it comes. Laugh like a child, live like a kid who doesn’t care about what is going to happen the next moment. Keep a destination, have an aim meanwhile don’t forget to live life.

I realize, things have to be kept facile. Maybe, the turbulent times that I have faced in past make me a stronger person now. I know that time and again my patience is tested. With every passing year, I become more tolerant. I have evolved from a girl to a responsible lady. The times that I have left behind were the most difficult days of my life. I am sure GOD is ready with numerous other tests for me and like all the earlier times, I am surely gonna pass them with flying colours!!!

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Power To Destroy or Build?

 It was yet another lazy morning. As I scanned the newspaper for some hot gossips I saw an interview of Ranbir Kapoor promoting his upcoming movie. Midway through his interview, I realized it had the same old talk about his link-ups, break-ups, controversies etc. But in between his regular chat something really interesting caught my eye.

He said his movie was a classic love story and the journey of a musician. 'In life we all have this one person we deeply love, that person has the ability to destroy you which also makes you the person you are!!', he added.
How blunt but deep down my heart I realized it was indeed the truth. I asked myself, how can loving someone deeply destroy you? I was dumbstruck for a moment. Love is so beautiful how can it assault someone’s world?

It does happen! Love is beautiful but you have your share of pain and craziness that you have to go through! If you deeply love someone you keep setting higher benchmarks and the feeling intensifies everyday!  The deprivation of that persons love from your life can shatter you as a person. Sometimes the heart is so badly ruptured that the stains remain life long. The absence of that person from your life leaves a permanent change in your life which most of the times is irreversible!!

In the times when people feign love easily, when you hear about breakups every other week, when love is a game of trial and error for many, when to get over a person you get hooked up with a new one, in such times it’s hard to believe that loving someone so deeply is possible.

As per me, you fall for someone and gradually the attachment makes the bond stronger. The more attached you are to the person, the more casual you are about the world. Your world shrinks to that someone special and their presence is all that matters!! Somehow you get so much into that person that you have rising high expectations from them and when these expectations aren’t met it’s difficult to live with this fact and it’s even more difficult to unheed it. So the only solution left then is to part ways.
It’s a tough place to be in. Suddenly you are shaken to reality. There emerges a vaccum in your life. The absence of that person leaves you completely baffled. Because a moment ago there was someone you could say yours and the very next moment you are stranded alone on a deserted island. 

Some people take time but move on and the others are left there thinking where did they go wrong and how did that happen to them. These thoughts keep wandering around them. Not being with the person depresses them every moment. They loose track of the other important things in life.They elope away with their thoughts.With time they realize what they truly want out of life. They channelize their mind and energy towards other aspects of their life like career, family. For a while, love takes the back seat .

So was it LOVE or was it ATTACHMENT? Or is Love nothing else but attachment!! I am clueless! I leave you with this thought and with these doubts. I hope you get the answers soon!!!

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Tere Bin....

Tujh bin jeena aata nahi,
Akele chalna bhaata nahi,
Talab mein teri raatein nahi katti,
Din mein yeh roshni hai chubti.

Tujhse milna shayad taqdeer mein likha nahi,
Tujh bin aane wala kal dikhta nahi,
Khayaalon se bhaagne ki koshish jaarur ki,
Lekin jab haqeqat dekhi toh khwaab hee puree lage!!

Dooriyan fasle badhte badhte,
Aisa waqt hai aaya,
Tumhari ek jhalak ke liye,
Rozana main baichain hua!

Chori Chakari sab hui purani,
Naya ab maine jurm kiya,
Tumse milne ke liye,
Maine khudko hee nilam kiya!!!!

Pyaasa sa lagta hai yeh tan mera,
Adhura sa lagta hai yeh mann mera,
Intezaar har lamha rahega tera,
Jab tak seene mein dhadke hai dil, rahunga tera sirf tera!!!

Saturday, 3 September 2011

The youth stuck between two cultures!!!

Yesterday, I was wondering how contradictory our actions have become.
Like when I drive I feel d auto rickshaw drivers, pedestrians are at fault, when I am commuting in a rickshaw I feel the people who drive are at fault. And when I am walking I feel everybody using the vehicle is at fault. A simple scenario but highlights something important. We mend our ideologies acc to the situations. One moment we believe in this and the very next moment we shift our belief to something else.

We like blaming but when it comes to us we forget things easily. We preach about cleanliness but when we eat a chocolate and don’t find a dustbin nearby we quite easily forget our principles and throw it on the road trying to escape a few raised eyebrows! We preach and teach assuming we never were at that that place or forgetting we ever were at that that place. If we can’t follow a rule we break it.

Our tolerance levels have dropped down like any thing. Not just outsiders even if u have a sneak peek in your own family u would realize its so difficult for us to make adjustments. We fight over d remote control with our siblings. We don’t like much intrusion of our parents in what we are doing. We avoid family get togethers. We dislike changes.

IS this the changing face of the youth of our country?

Are we influenced by the western culture which is soaked in independence?

May be yes! May be the need of the hour is to add the element of freedom, self- independence in the life of the youngsters today. Most of us still live in the shadow of our parents which makes us more and more emotionally, financially dependant on them.
Majority of us still have deadlines at home, still need our parents consent in small little things, still land up marrying someone picked up by our parents.  All these things are silent killers.

Nothing wrong in them but as times have changed the youth of today is not the same as the youth years back. The world has shrunk and so has his accessibility to the different resources. These days the youngsters start earning quite early and become financially independent. But the barriers of family ties and restrictions cling to them even after that. Their definitions of Happiness, fun, friendships have evolved. Whats important is our elders realize that if we are progressing and moving ahead in the ways we dress, we talk and our overall lifestyle then we need to change the way we handle our youth.

A little breeze of independence and freedom is necessary!!!

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

The CHANGING Times.....

When we were kids we never thought of what would happen in school the very next day, what would be our plan for the weekend, we didn’t crave for a lot of money….. We lived in the present. When we wanted an ice cream we wanted it immediately, we didn’t wait until the weekend. We had one best friend and we shared secrets only with them!! We hardly bothered about how we looked, how much we scored in exams, which school we went to!! Those were the times when v left all that bothering to our parents and elders. Each day was filled with FUN and FROLIC!!

Times have drastically changed. We have grown old. We have stopped living in the present. We earn to save. We sleep to wake up the next day. We wake up to rush back to the office, when v r in d office we wait desperately to come back home. This is d life most of us live. 

The burden of growing up is too much to take. We have our ego’s on the battleground of friendship. We have the deadlines of our projects. We have our share of failed relationships. We have to deal with the transition from hostel to home.

Earlier, happiness meant playing all day with our friends and now it means getting a considerable hike in our salaries irrespective of the fact that we hardly have anyone that close to celebrate it with. All d definitions have changed but deep inside, our heart still wants to live that life.

We fail to realize that we are stuck in a vicious circle of responsibilities, aspirations, fulfillments so much so that we have forgotten that unless we enjoy our present and live each moment there is no meaning to the amount of hard work we put in!!

The irony is, When we were young we wanted to grow up soon. Now that we have, we want to go back to the old times!!!!!!

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Hai Par Nahi

Dil mera hai, par dil ki dhadkane meri nahi.
Nabs meri hai par saansein meri nahi,
Aankhein meri hai, par nazar meri nahi,
Zabaan meri hai, par lawz mere nahi !!

Tasveerein meri hai, par woh lamhein mere nahi.
Dost mere hain, par woh dosti meri nahi.
Pyaar mera hai, par haqdaar main nahi.
Zindagi meri hai, par yeh sangharsh mera nahi!!

Waqt mera hai, par yeh intezaar mera nahi.
Soch meri hai, par sapna mera nahi.
Samandar mera hai, par uska paani mera nahi.
Aawaz meri hai, par yeh saaz mere nahi!!

Nishabdh main hun, par mera mann kuch hai keh raha,
Aawaaz laga raha, khudko sunna raha....
Majboor main hun aee khuda,
Par mera mann bandha nahi.................
Par mera mann bandha nahi.................
Par mera mann bandha nahi.................


Intezaar mein ek uske,
Nazareein tikaye baithi hun,
Uski duniya ko, apni samajh baithe hun...

Uske muskurane pe, main hass deti hun.
Uski udaasi pe main apne aansu pee leti hun.
Uske khwaab ab mere sapne hai.
Uske apne ab mere bhi apne hain!!
Dil ki baat dil se karti hun,
Meri kahani main,
Apni zubani kehti hun!!!

Uske kehne pe, sab aacha lagta hai.
Uske sehlane pe, yeh dil behel jaata hai.
Uski baaton mein, mai kahin ghum ho jaati hun.
Uske saaye mein, main aapna ghar paati hun!!
Dil ki baat dil se karti hun,
Meri kahani main,
Apni zubani kehti hun!!!

Uski khushi mein, dil machal jaata hai.
Uski baichaini mein, dil ghabrata hai.
Uske kareeb aane se, meri duniya simat jaati hai.
Uske door jaane se main kahin khoo jaati hun!!
Dil ki baat dil se karti hun,
Meri kahani main,
Apni zubani kehti hun!!!

Uske saath kuch pal saalon se lagte hain.
Uske saath har laamhein, pyaare se lagte hain,
Uske pyaar se main badhti hu.
Uski chahat se main zinda rehti hun!!
Dil ki baat dil se karti hun,
Meri kahani main,
Apni zubani kehti hun!!!

Adhuri si main.......
Adhura mera mann.........
Tumhare bina naa main, na mera jeevan!!!