Saturday, 3 September 2011

The youth stuck between two cultures!!!

Yesterday, I was wondering how contradictory our actions have become.
Like when I drive I feel d auto rickshaw drivers, pedestrians are at fault, when I am commuting in a rickshaw I feel the people who drive are at fault. And when I am walking I feel everybody using the vehicle is at fault. A simple scenario but highlights something important. We mend our ideologies acc to the situations. One moment we believe in this and the very next moment we shift our belief to something else.

We like blaming but when it comes to us we forget things easily. We preach about cleanliness but when we eat a chocolate and don’t find a dustbin nearby we quite easily forget our principles and throw it on the road trying to escape a few raised eyebrows! We preach and teach assuming we never were at that that place or forgetting we ever were at that that place. If we can’t follow a rule we break it.

Our tolerance levels have dropped down like any thing. Not just outsiders even if u have a sneak peek in your own family u would realize its so difficult for us to make adjustments. We fight over d remote control with our siblings. We don’t like much intrusion of our parents in what we are doing. We avoid family get togethers. We dislike changes.

IS this the changing face of the youth of our country?

Are we influenced by the western culture which is soaked in independence?

May be yes! May be the need of the hour is to add the element of freedom, self- independence in the life of the youngsters today. Most of us still live in the shadow of our parents which makes us more and more emotionally, financially dependant on them.
Majority of us still have deadlines at home, still need our parents consent in small little things, still land up marrying someone picked up by our parents.  All these things are silent killers.

Nothing wrong in them but as times have changed the youth of today is not the same as the youth years back. The world has shrunk and so has his accessibility to the different resources. These days the youngsters start earning quite early and become financially independent. But the barriers of family ties and restrictions cling to them even after that. Their definitions of Happiness, fun, friendships have evolved. Whats important is our elders realize that if we are progressing and moving ahead in the ways we dress, we talk and our overall lifestyle then we need to change the way we handle our youth.

A little breeze of independence and freedom is necessary!!!


  1. brilliant work..keep it up Neha..i can c a writer in making :] ;]

  2. This writing gives us a little breeze of an evolved and a thoughtful youth...really :)
    nice work Neha :)