Wednesday, 31 August 2011

The CHANGING Times.....

When we were kids we never thought of what would happen in school the very next day, what would be our plan for the weekend, we didn’t crave for a lot of money….. We lived in the present. When we wanted an ice cream we wanted it immediately, we didn’t wait until the weekend. We had one best friend and we shared secrets only with them!! We hardly bothered about how we looked, how much we scored in exams, which school we went to!! Those were the times when v left all that bothering to our parents and elders. Each day was filled with FUN and FROLIC!!

Times have drastically changed. We have grown old. We have stopped living in the present. We earn to save. We sleep to wake up the next day. We wake up to rush back to the office, when v r in d office we wait desperately to come back home. This is d life most of us live. 

The burden of growing up is too much to take. We have our ego’s on the battleground of friendship. We have the deadlines of our projects. We have our share of failed relationships. We have to deal with the transition from hostel to home.

Earlier, happiness meant playing all day with our friends and now it means getting a considerable hike in our salaries irrespective of the fact that we hardly have anyone that close to celebrate it with. All d definitions have changed but deep inside, our heart still wants to live that life.

We fail to realize that we are stuck in a vicious circle of responsibilities, aspirations, fulfillments so much so that we have forgotten that unless we enjoy our present and live each moment there is no meaning to the amount of hard work we put in!!

The irony is, When we were young we wanted to grow up soon. Now that we have, we want to go back to the old times!!!!!!


  1. Nice essay.. Good use of word and the language is simple and heart warming.. Check out this essay, its almost on the same line as yours.. Here the author talks about the meaning of walk. How the meaning changes as we mature emotionally in life.. Its really good, the language is pretty sophisticated and the flow of the essay is really good.. Here's the link, I hope it inspires you to write more.. You are a really good writer, you should take it rather seriously.

  2. This is so very honest,Neha....surely makes one realise the importance of living in the present and also gives the feeling of nostalgia!!!
    Good work!

  3. deep thoughts perfectly put in place neha.

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