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Reliance Digital Store - Yahi hai Right Choice Baby Aha!!

As part of the IndiBlogger Community one is entitled to surprises every day. Exciting events, meets, contests keep coming your way. Recently, Reliance Digital in association with IndiBlogger invited bloggers to visit any one of their stores in Mumbai.  The Bloggers would be taken on a tour of the store where the respective store managers would market the fast growing Reliance Digital brand.

Reliance Digital, Croma, Ezone & Vijay Sales. To me except the name nothing seems different about these stores. They are huge stores, selling the same products at almost the same rates. At the end every person picks a store that’s convenient to them. Hence to enrich my knowledge, I was all set to explore the store and understand how it was better than its competitors.

I had opted for the store in Infinity Mall, Malad.

Firstly, I loved the Red, White and Blue theme of the store. It attracts customers. If you are visiting the mall for the first time, I am sure you wouldn't give this store a miss.


In the store we were greeted by Mr Vishal, the Store Manager who gave us a brief tour of the store highlighting their strong points. Everything revolved around the customer- feasibility, affordability, satisfaction. The underlying principle was to make sure the customer is happy with whatever purchase they make and return to reliance for their next purchase. As their tag line says, they are on  'Mission Happiness'.

When I went about exploring the galactic store I realized they practice what they preach.  Customer is truly treated as the King here. Following is what I found!

Convenience & Comfort of the Customer:

There are plethora of products from kitchen appliances to electronics; from personal grooming to gaming devices.

Wide range of Products

The sections are very well segregated. When you enter the store there is an area defined for electronic appliances likes laptops, computers and mobile phones. There is a separate section for Television sets and Home Theater systems. there is another section for Refrigerators and Washing Machines.

What is interesting is that all related sections are close or clubbed together for the convenience of the customer. Like the Laptop accessories are kept close to the laptop section; Lens are kept close to DSLR section. The food processors, irons are close to microwaves and juicers. The PlayStation CD's were close to the PlayStation.

Playstation and CD's(right)

Also, every section has the products placed as per the relevance, preference and choice of customers. For instance the television section occupies a huge area with a lot of variety in brand and types.  So at the center of the section you will find the latest technology and hottest running product displayed. As you move towards the end you will find the outdated products and lesser known brands. In case of television section, at the center you find smart televisions, later on the LED's and at the end the plasma television.

Panorama View- Television Section

Shop in Shop

They have various individual brand shops with the sales person from the company deployed to guide and help the customers whenever required. You can differentiate between the company sales person and store by the color of their shirts. The one's that are sent from the company are dressed in White and the one's from the Reliance Store are dressed in Blue. Neither of the sales people are pushy. They are helpful, friendly and have good knowledge. They give you genuine facts about the products and at the end leave it upto you to decide which one to buy.

Shop In Shop

Learning Wall:

Customer  understands his/her requirements and gauges the pros and cons before opting for a product.

In the picture below, check the markings made on the floor. These markings mention the distance from the screen. Thus helping customers pick the best suitable Television for their home.

Also, the Windows8 laptops are segregated as per their use: Entertainment, Office or Study. So, the customer depending on his requirements checks the laptops in the relevant section. Thus saving a lot of time.

Last Product:

A lot of times we are hoodwinked by merchants when they sell us a product which is to get discontinued soon. In Reliance Digital Store, that last piece of any products which is going to be discontinued by the company is sold with a nominal margin keeping the customer informed that it is the Last Piece.

Last Piece

ResQ Care Plan:

In comparison to buying a product, a lot of efforts go into maintaining it. I am sure you must have been into situations where your Laptop, Air Conditioner or Washing Machine must have broken down and you had to wait for one whole week to get it fixed.  All this while you had to keep following up with the company to get your work done.


Reliance saves you from this trouble. It offers you a unique ResQ Care Plan where in at the time of purchasing a product you can opt for a paid extended store warranty. This will save you the hard work of following up on your complain. In case of an issue, they claim to respond to your complain with a solution within 48hrs.:)

Reconnect- In house Brand
Reconnect is a Reliance brand that covers a variety of products including Air Conditioners, Washing Machines, Smart Phones, Television and Tablets.The entire range is sourced from the world’s top electronics manufacturers and comes with a 2 year warranty. The ‘Reconnect’ brand philosophy is to become a preferred brand that is easy on the consumers’ minds i.e. very attractive to the eye, easy to operate, and at the same time, quite easy on the purse as well.

Finally as I was about to leave, I saw a wheel chair at the gate. It brought a smile to my face and Reminded me of the lines that the store manager quoted: "We care for our customers".

Overall an A+ experience.

Look and Feel: A+
Product Range: A (lacks in kitchen appliances)
Staff: A (Not too pushy, Not too interfering. It might give one a feeling that they are uninterested in helping)
Customer Satisfaction: A+
Offers: A+

Mission Happiness Accomplished!!

This post is written for the The Reliance Digital Experience Contest powered by IndiBlogger.


  1. Hello Neha,

    Nice blog of yours..You are very good writer.
    I like your below line....
    mind is my canvas and I pen hundred’s of thoughts there every single minute. I aspire to devote my entire time to writing and take up writing as my career very soon....
    Nice to know you as contain writer....
    Hence 4th will keep reading ur blogs...
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    Rajesh swami

  2. Hello Rajesh,

    Happy to know that you liked my blog. I hope to keep entertaining you with the content of forthcoming blog posts.

    Keep Smiling. :)

    Neha Sharma

  3. hello Neha,


    Rajesh swami

  4. I have a horrifying experience with Reliance Digital. I purchased a Nexus 7 Tablet PC for Rs.28000 in August 2014 and it has gone bad 4 times in 5 months. I am seeking replacement but finding absolute lack of interest on behalf of Reliance Digital team. Hopeless, the least I can say.
    Sanjay Swarup, Bangalore

  5. I have been disappointed with the service they provide. And of course after sale service is even worse. After my experience at Reliance Digital i have been a loyal customer at Croma Lower Parel. Not only the staff are welcoming but their after sale service is also brilliant that makes me go and purchase any gadget from there.