Sunday, 2 June 2013

'Connected Hum Tum' - it's time we see some reality on TV

Presently, Television is a huge Industry with almost all the big stars of Bollywood having made their small screen debuts. In the past decade, we have witnessed an evolution in the content, functioning and dynamics of the television industry.  The transition from Saas Bahu sagas to Reality Shows has been an alluding one; Suggesting that the present audience is a diversified group with a large quotient of young independent men and women who are done with the hypothetical and over the top  kitchen politics of an Indian household.

Sadly, now even the reality TV, seems to have lost its charm. There are a myriad reality shows that keeping popping up on screen one after the other. The audience is saturated seeing the same monotonous concept and is in doubts about the authenticity of these programs. A new reality show on Zee TV claims to break free from the regular shows.

The Indiblogger Meet on the 29th May was for the same show called ‘Connected Hum Tum’. This show starts on the 3rd of June and will continue for 13 weeks. Paromita Vohra, the director of the show denies it to be a Reality Show. She claims it to be a Real show with Real people covering their Real Lives. Connected Hum Tum is a show that has 6 courageous Women as protagonists who have decided to shoot their lives and broadcast it on the Indian Television. Thus, taking the bold step of making their Private lives very much Public.

So you are wondering who they are! Probably they seem to you some famous women who have achieved magnanimously in their respective fields. Don’t boggle your mind. I shall let the cat out of the bag. 

They might all not be famous but what makes them a part of this show is they are all intelligent, witty, spirited and have a story to tell. So let’s start with their introductions.
 Meet Preeti Kochar who is a dentist and belly dance instructor. She is a multi-tasking superwoman who juggles her responsibilities at home and clinic and in between grabs some time for her passion which is dance!   
Preeti Kochar

Meet Mahima Chaudhary, a small town girl smitten by the glitz and glamour of Bollywood. She has been struggling in Mumbai since the past 1 year to turn her dream of becoming an actress into reality. With a not so supportive family and boyfriend she is trying her best to stay focussed.

Mahima Chaudhary

Meet Madhuri Mauskar, a foreign language expert and corporate trainer. She has lived a life of unconventional choices. She went through the pain of 2 divorces but eventually bounced back.  

Madhuri Mauskar

Meet Pallavi Burman, a fashionable and shopaholic Brand manager.  Putting behind the burden of her previous failed arrange marriage, she is now all set to marry a guy she loves. This time around she is determined to make things work.

Pallavi Burman

Meet Sonal Giana who is an activist and theatre producer. She grew up in Goa and is daughter of an army officer. She lives with her twin sister who she is very attached to. She is in a serious relationship and is wondering if her lover’s parents will accept their relationship.

Sonal Giana

Meet Malishka Mendonca , who wakes up our Mumbai city everyday with her crazy pranks on her No 1 Radio Show. She has already made it big but she wants to risk it all with a career change. She is looking for a suitable man to settle down with. But this suitable match who has to be a combination of stability, sizzle, practicality and romance is a little difficult to find.


At the unveiling of the participants, Bharat Kumar Ranga, CCCO, ZZEL said, ”In showcasing the mind space of 6 women at different crossroads in life, Zee TV gives the audiences a chance to understand the psyche of today’s Indian woman, thereby understanding the women in their own lives better. This show will get people talking, discussing their own unique perspective on each of these women’s lives. The core idea is to get families to communicate more and understand relationships better.”

At the event, a part of the first episode was screened. The show looked promising, highlighting 6 very strong and distinct women personalities. The makers of the series believe the audience would connect with at least one of the women, their life, their decisions, their inhibitions, their joys and their sorrows.

After the initial glimpse of the show, I foresee a full entertainment package for us. Six women belonging to varied age groups facing everyday predicaments and finding their ways out of them. A Reality show with real characters, real people and their real lives.

Keep yourselves glued to the television sets on the 3rd June @10pm as Abhay Deol takes on to host the first episode of Connected Hum Tum.

PS: This post is for Zee TV's #ConnectedHumTum Contest powered by Indiblogger.