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WeChat- Let our voices unite

How much ever I try to forget the Dreadful December 16th night I am hardly able to. Let’s sway back to the month of December 2012. After the news of the Nirbhaya gang rape broke, the nation saw a huge outbreak. What preceded was an endless blame game. The Common man blamed the government; opposition party blamed the ruling party, ruling party blamed the law enforcement, few dimwit religious leaders blamed the victim.  6 months have passed since the incident took place but girls are still getting molested, raped and abused.

I invited Barkha Dutt to host ‘We the People’ on my WeChat group (Easiest, Cheapest & Best way to connect with anyone anywhere anytime) with following members to discuss the issue of Women Safety in India.
Nirbhaya- The Most Courageous Woman

Me-The Girl Next Door

Sonia Gandhi - Madamji                                      Manmohan Singh - PM (Puppet of Madamji )

Blossom- PowerPuff Girl                                              Kabir Khan - Coach from 'Chakh De India'                                                                                                                                              

 Kiran Bedi- First IPS officer of India                                    Barkha Dutt- The host


Barkha Dutt: Nirbhaya tumhare balidaan ke bavajud iss desh mein kuch khaas badlav nahi aaya tumhe kya lagtaaaa ha……

Sonia Gandhi interrupts in between.
Sonia Gandhi: I beg your pardon. Albeit my stay of almost 4 decades in this country, I am not that comfortable with the national language.  Do you mind if we have the chat in English.

Manmohan Singh: Koi baat nahi madamjee. Ohh Sorry, I mean not a problem Madamjii.

I sigh and Barkha starts again……

Barkha Dutt: So Nirbhaya post the tragic incident that happened with you, the nation witnessed a revolution. However, there has been no end to the atrocities against women. Who do you think is at fault? 

Nirbhaya: I think we can’t blame one person.  The root cause is our Indian mind set which is accustomed to believe, women is a door mat. Society thinks it’s okay to  abuse a woman and walk all over her.  As much as the mind sets need to be changed, the government also needs to provide better safety and security for the women

Barkha Dutt: Right. So Mrs Gandhi where has the government gone wrong?

Sonia Gandhi:  Government has tried its best to improve the condition. We will try and give the Dalits , the scheduled caste and Muslims the best protection. We will ensure they have good growth.

Manmohan Singh: Yes Madam. You are right.

Me: Soniyaji we are talking about Women in general and not about the different castes and sub castes of Indian Soiety.

Sonia Gandhi: Ok ya women. Sorry got confused with today's show and my election speech. We will start by spreading awareness. We will introduce sex education in schools. We will train the policemen. But what are these super heroes doing? It's also their responsibility to take care of the world!

Blossom: Fighting Crime, Trying to save the world. Here we come just in time… The Powerpuff, powerpuff girls. What are you saying Mrs Gandhi! How can it be our fault? We have so much work to do. The Government's inefficiency is seen everywhere! We are just handful of us(super heroes) covering the world's population of so many billions. With the crime rates increasing day by day , I guess we need to have recruitments in our team.

Me: I guess , you superheroes have done your bit. Government as usual has tall claims to make but how much will it live up to those claims? The need of the hour is we raise our voices and make ourselves heard. The Government responds only after that.

Barkha Dutt:  Very nice point made by Neha Sharma, our panelist representing aam junta .
We also have Mr Kabir Khan, a successful hockey player and coach of Indian Women Hockey team with us. Mr Khan, you are someone who has believed in Woman Power and channelized energies of 16 very strong women in the right direction helping team India to a glorious victory in the ‘World Championship’. How do you think can Women stand for the injustice against them?

Kabir Khan: I believe in ‘Nari Shakti’. Every woman has to make herself strong and self sufficient to fight for herself. Only if she believes in herself will the world believe in her. "Andar ka Darr nikalna jaruri hai. Har ladai ko aise lado jaise kal ho na ho" Do not fear anyone or anything when you know you are right. This world is as much yours as it is of the Men.

Nirbhaya: I fought. I fought with the 6 monsters as much as I could. But then my body gave up. I was thrown out of the moving bus like a piece of thrash. I lied there naked for hours. People passed by no one helped. Police Vehicles passed by but did not offer help. Everybody turned away. How can a woman fight alone? Is it not the responsibility of the government and every citizen to fight when we see something wrong happening?

Me: I pity the people who shut their eyes on you. GOD forbids but it could have been their daughter, mother, sister, friend in your place that night. If it can happen to you it can also happen to others. Also, its equal responsibility of the leaders we elect to enforce stringent laws against such culprits. So that every man shudders with even the thought of doing something like this. Prime Ministerji I do not see any action been taken against them.

Manmohan Singh: Ahh. What can I say! Soniya ji will you please answer this question?

Sonia Gandhi: Yes yes we will. We will take strict action against the culprits.

Kiran Bedi: Strict actions when? You have taken people, the citizens of this country for granted. It's been 6 months Nirbhaya's case happened. It was an open and shut case. What major progress have you made? What have you done for the Women of the country? We need better transportation, better laws, better security, better education and better life for every woman of this country.

Sonia Gandhi: For all this you need to elect us again for the next term.

Manmohan Singh:  Bilkul sahi kaha Madamji.

Blossom: I now understand everything. The biggest culprits are these politicians. I think the next mission of our superhero team should be to eliminate such fools.

Kiran Bedi: Yes Blossom. I guess we need to tackle these morons first.

Blossom and Kiran Bedi leave the group chat with a hope to chalk out a plan to teach the politicians of this country a good lesson.

Barkha Dutt: How do you feel today Nirbhaya looking at the state of Indian Women?

Nirbhaya: India is a country where Maa Durga, a woman is worshiped as GOD. It is shameful that in the same India, women are disrespected, denied education, killed even before they are born, raped and eve teased. I feel indignant, infuriated and vindictive. But I have still not lost hope. I have faith in the citizens of this country. Post the unfateful night, when I saw people standing up for me, I had a hope that I will get justice. We need to teach the culprits a lesson so that every woman can walk freely in every nook and corner of this country. The Country needs to unite, the citizens need to unite to pressurize the government to take an action against anyone who dares to commit such heinous crimes against women.

Barkha Dutt: On that note of hope and unity, I conclude 'We The People' , WeChat session. I thank all the participants to have joined us from and outside planet Earth.

The above post is written for WeChat contest for Indiblogger.  Check out WeChat on YouTube.
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Don't forget to check out WeChat's Youtube channel. - See more at:


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    1. Hey Anuradha,

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    1. Hey Ritesh,

      Thanks a lot. I feel very strongly for the subject. Hence you will see it coming up on my blog every now and then.

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