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Something To Share (S2S) Part1

I can never stay quiet. Not just verbally but also in my thoughts and actions. I believe One must Explore and keep Exploring because there are millions of things out there yet to be discovered. In matters of music, I am a Nomad. I keep wandering from one website to another browsing audio and video tracks in a hope to find something interesting. This blog post is specially written to share my latest musical findings with you.


I have a friend who drinks, sleeps and breathes music.  He has a musical treasure with him and Once in a while he shares something from his treasure box with me. One such recommendation was 'Morni'.

It’s a Pahadi song sung by Mohit Chauhan. What a delight it is to the ears! The enjoyment quadruples when you go through the translation and lyrics!

I won't share any background about the song except that its a conversation between a daughter and mother. It's song that you should listen to first before checking its translations.

 The lyrics & translations:

Amma Puchhdi Sun Dhiye Meriye Dubali Itni Tu Kiyaan Kaari Hoyi Ho
 ~A mother (Amma) asks her daughter (Dhee)
"What is worrying you so much that you have become so lean (Dubali) and gaunt" 

Paar Li Vaniyaan Mor Jo Boley Ho Aama Ji Iney Morey Nindar Gavaai Ho
 ~The daughter says "Far across in the forest (Vanniyaan) , when the peacock speaks, it disturbs my sleep" 

Sadh Le Bandukhi Jo Sadh Le Shakaari Jo Dhiye Bhala Eta Mor Maar Giraana Ho Ho Dhiye Bhala Eta Mor Maar Giraana Ho
 ~The mother reassures her daughter saying:
"When the hunter comes with the gun, he will kill the peacock and drop it to the ground"

Mor Ni Maarna Ho Mor Ni Maarna Mor Ni Gavaana Ho Aama Ji Eta Morey Pinjrey Puwaana Ho Oo Aama Ji Eta Morey Pinjrey Puwaana Ho
 ~The daughter due to some reason feels attached to the peacock and replies:
"Do not kill the peacock (Mor Ni Maarna), I don't want to lose the peacock (Mor Ni Gavaana),
In the worst case put it in a cage  , but do not kill it." Kuthi Jaanda Chandrama Kuthi Jaandey 

Taare Ho Oo Aama Ji Kuthi Jaandey Dilaan De Payaare Ho
 ~Then the daughter asks her mother:
"Where does the moon go? Where do the stars go?
Where do people who are near to our heart go?"

Oo Chhupi Jaanda Chandrama Chhupi Jaandey Taare Ho Oo Chhupi Jaanda Chandrama Chhupi Jaandey Taare Ho Oo Dhiye Bhala Naiyon Chhupdey Dilaan De Payaare Ho
 ~The mother replies:
"The moon hides, The stars also hide. But the ones close to our heart never disappear." They may be away, but they are always close Oo Dhiye Bhala Naiyon Chhupdey Dilaan De Payaare Ho
 ~"The ones whom we love never disappear"
Khairheyan De Naal
The second song is 'Khairheyan De Naal'  sung by  Shafqat Amanat Ali.
I was randomly searching the net when I found this song some 5 years back. However , it's today that I searched the lyrics, translation and video. Somehow the translations matched with what I had guessed it to be back then.
The song depicts Heer's pain as she goes through separation from the love of her life Ranjha. She requests her mother that Ranjha stays here and she doesn't want to get married and go to another city leaving him.
I didn't really like the video. Mr Ali tried to portray a modern Heer however its not well choreographed.  It catches away the beauty of the lyrics. The first time skip watching the video, close your eyes and just listen to the song.
Lyrics & Translation:

Naa Maye Naa Bhej Mujhe, Mein Nahi Jaana Pardes, 
Jis Raanjhe Sang Saans Judi, Woh Ranjha Hai Is Des Re,
~No mother, please don't send me. I don't want to go to that foreign land. Ranjha with whom my life is connected lives on this land. 

Mein Nahi Jaana Khairyehan De Naal, Meinn.. Nahi Jana Khairheyan De Naal.
 ~I won't go with Saida Khera (her in laws). I won't…

Log Kahe Use Ranjha Jogi, Mujhko To Rab Ka Jamal, Jaane Na Jaanee Log Na Jaane, Woh Jaane Mera Haal,
~For everyone he may be a simple hermit, but to me my Ranjha is the most beautiful creation of God till date. I don’t know if people understand my condition but he definitely does.

Na Bhej Na Maaye Mujhko, Mein Nahi Jaana Nahi Jaana, Nahi Jaana Mein Nahi Jaana, Mein Nahi Jaaanaaa, Meinn... Nahi Jaana Khairheyan De Naal. Band Aankhon Se Raah Dikhe, Ranjhe Woh Jot Jagaayi, Ranjha Mera Deen Dharam, Ranjha Hai Kul Khudaayi.
~Ranjha has given me the light through which I can see my path clearly even with my eyes closed . Ranjha is my religion, my life; he means the whole world to me.

Na Bhej Na Maaye Mujhko, Mein Nahi Jaana Nahi Jaana, Nahi Jaana Mein Nahi Jaana, Mein Nahi Jaaanaaa, Nahi Jaana Khairheyan De Naal, Ve Mein Nahi Jaana Khairheyan De Naal, Ve Nahi Mein Jaana Khairheyan De Naal .
Music sometimes expresses what even the words are not able to convey. I had heard  these songs without translations but the music had so much power that I could surface the emotions even without knowing the exact meaning. Musical world is indeed a magical world!

~~~~ After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music .~~~~


  1. Lovely Neha
    Both the songs are catchy and meanings are wonderful.

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    1. It's good to hear that you enjoyed listening to the songs. Will share some more songs in the coming posts. :)

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    1. Hi,

      The first one is a Pahadi Song (Himachali) and second one is a Punjabi.