Sunday, 31 March 2013

Get back their Lives!

Imagine you getting locked in a 5*5 room for an indefinite period. Scary right?
Now imagine in the same room there are 50 more people. I am sure you would feel breathless and claustrophobic. You would eventually die out of suffocation. 

What about the tiny creatures humans cage? If  we were in a situation like theirs, we  at least  had the option to shout, scream and fight. We could try 100 ways to get out. But what about them? Just because they can’t speak and are less powerful than us doesn’t mean we humans have the right to torture them by restricting their movement and making them our slave.

Imagine a Smart phone with no internet connection. 
Imagine a music system with no speakers.
Imagine you are gifted a Mercedes Benz C class which has no keys.
Now Imagine a bird which is caged.
How is a bird a bird if its not able to fly!

God loved the birds and invented trees.  Man loved the birds and invented cages.  ~ Quoted by Jacques Deval.

Look how Man treats the things/people/creatures he loves! He wants to cage them. He wants them to be with him all the time. He wants to curb their activities. He wants to own his possessions. When in Love Man wants to restrict the freedom of his loved one's.
After the Indiblogger meet I went to explore the famous Crawford market and was taken back when I saw the animals and birds were caged mercilessly.


Bird Cage

Dogs in a cage

Another one with 3 dogs

Their condition really touched my heart. Not only are they caged but they are caged ruthlessly! A cage which should have not more than 3 birds had birds ten times its actual capacity.  Moreover, the bird cages were filthy, dirty and raunchy. 

As I walked pass those cages I felt as if those tiny creatures were chirping for help. They were breathless and suffocated. They wanted to be saved.  They wanted to fly freely in the vast sky that GOD had given them. They wanted to walk on the land which was as much theirs as it was mine.

ABRAHAM LINCOLN once quoted, 'Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves'. I felt the shop owners should be tormented just like the birds and animals were. They deserved to be hand cuffed and caged.

 As a true believer of the quote 'Live and let live', I want to do something for these creatures. Especially the Aquatic and Aerial animals. Fish and Birds shouldn't be kept as pets. As, one will never be able to give them their natural environment to live. Only when we stop buying they will stop selling. Lets make a sincere attempt to get back their lives.

PS: Comment if you have any suggestions to improve the lives of these beautiful creatures. Information of about a NGO or a help line number etc.


  1. Lovely and inspirational write up. The start was ultimate. You should blog more often.

    Travel India

    1. Thanks a lot. After yesterday's brief chat with you, I feel all inspired to write more often.

  2. PETA is working for Animal Rights...but its everyone's responsibility to treat animals good way...

    1. Right. Looking out for ways to reach out to them.

  3. This is very sad and it is not good to see them caged.

    1. I know. My heart went out to those birds...

  4. I do agree with each and every statement of yours in this blog post. Of course, every living being in this planet has the right to live and it is sad that freedom of these poor creatures are snatched for selfish reasons. You have rightly said that man caged the one whom he loves. So what do you intend to do for every problem got to have a solution. What actions have you taken to over come this? There is this organisation called PETA which works for animal rights. You should file a complaint there and you have just identified one location. There are several thousands of such shops and over 1000s of innocent creatures. What about them?.

    1. Ya I know what you mean. But spreading awareness is what I feel should be done. As I said only if people stop buying will they stop selling!