Saturday, 23 March 2013

The Dove Story.....The Love Story!

{This Post has won the Runner's Up place in the Dove IndiBlogger 'Beautiful Ends to your Beautiful Braids!' Contest }

Husband:  Why are you stuck in the kitchen 24*7? Itna kaam hota hai?

Wife: Nahi. This is my new pass time; To talk to the utensils.

Husband:  Seriously? (with a stern look)

Wife:  Ya Right!!  (With a look that would melt a candle immediately)

Husband: Areyy Gussa mat ho. Waiseee.... 
(goes close to her and caresses her hair) Y don't you braid them?

Wife:   Is it? You think my hair is so thick and silky that I can tie braids? The density is so less, if I tie them, it will look like the horse's tail. I have no time for myself. Everyday, you leave for work early morning and I am stuck here to manage the entire house and chunnu!  Paying Bills, cooking, cleaning, picking chunnu from school; Amidst all these, I hardly get time to visit a parlor and undergo any treatment to improve the condition of my hair?

Husband: Par….

Wife: Cuts him in between and continues….”Par kya? You have changed after marriage. During our early years of marriage, you used to care so much about me.  You used to surprise me by gifting wonderful hair products and spa sessions. And now when I actually need them you seem to be oblivious to my wants. My hair was so beautiful before marriage. Now its full of split ends and is rough and dry!"

Husband: Doesn't say anything. Just smiles!

Wife:  Kya ? (with a puzzled look on her face)

Husband: Tumne mujhe baat puri karne he nahi di. I agree, you had lovely hair before marriage. To help you get your beautiful hair back , DOVE has come up with its latest product called 'The Dove Split ends Rescue shampoo'.
(Handing over the bottle of Dove shampoo) 
My Love, this is my gift to you. No heavy chemical treatment, no complicated time consuming process. Just replace your old shampoo with this one and see the results immediately after first wash. 

Wife acknowledges husband's sweet gesture with a smile and a warm hug.


As a kid, I witnessed such cute fights between mom and dad but the object of fight was a little different here. It was My hair.

Since I was born, till the time I completed my schooling, I had pretty much no change in the way my hair looked. I always had short hair. It was not a problem till I was a kid but once I entered my teenage years it was the underlying reason behind the Mahayudh @home.

Age 7

Age 15

My dad liked my hair long and my mom always preferred it chopped, blunt. Each time we (mom  & I) came back after the hair cut my dad would be full of disappointment. 

Mom defended the haircut claiming that it looked good on me. Dad said, “She is growing up, she will look better with the braids”.

Mom would say “You think I get so much time in the morning to make her braids. There is so much work in the morning: cooking, cleaning, ironing her clothes and preparing her school bag. Above all that you expect me to waste time on her braids. She is so young, long hair wouldn’t look good on her”.

Failed at his attempt to change mom’s mind, dad would return back to his daily chores. Mom on the other hand would smile victoriously, winning another battle.

She was not at fault. Mornings used to be very hectic for her. I never woke up on time and to make matters worse I needed her help for every small little thing. It was definitely difficult for her to maintain the long hair look for me.

Dad felt bad because my hair was silky, straight and lustrous. He could foresee how beautiful I would look in the long braids. But with mom on the other side he found it impossible to WIN. ;)

After a few years, roughly when I was in standard 10th, I was adamant to grow my hair. Most of the girls in my class had long beautiful hair. 

By the time it grew to a satisfactory length I had entered college. I had stopped oiling my hair and taking its proper care contrary to what mom did when I was in school. The negligence took toll on my hair texture and the shine had gone far. Hostel's hard water turned things even worse. Split ends had started to emerge and regular trimming did not help at all. The ends were asking for nourishment and none of the shampoo’s I tried showed any sign of improvement. The high claims in the advertisements were far from reality they only made sure, the hair density was reduced. There was a new problem now:  Hair Fall.

I could possibly think of no solution. Underwent various protein treatments but nothing helped. Disappointed and thwarted I left all hopes. 

As Martin Luther once quoted,“The hair is the richest ornament of women.”

I did not want to lose my most precious GOD gifted possession: my hair.

And then I heard about Dove Daily Shine. I decided to give one last try. I was already using the DOVE soap since a long time and it gave great results. With a hope to get my old hair back, I brought Dove and it really worked. My hair started to improve. The braid was now thick ,strong and lustrous. 

2008 (when I started to use Dove Daily Therapy

It has been 5 years since then, and there has been no looking back. I can keep my hair open , tied,  in pony tails or braids. Everything just looks perfect because Dove has given me my Perfect hair back. Moreover the recent, Dove Split End Rescue System has helped me get back my soft, split free ends back.

Now (after I started to use 'Dove Split End Rescue System')

I am in Love with my hair again. My Dad loves them and my Mom loves them too. I no longer trouble my mom with my hair problems. Dove has freed me from all Hair troubles.

Dove Split End Rescue Shampoo

To Switch Off your Hair Problems, just Switch On to Dove.

Note: This post is a true story for Dove's Beautiful Ends to your Beautiful Braids Contest in association with Indiblogger.



  1. I agree with your Dad. You look best with long hair :)

  2. Of all the girls whose dove contest post I have read, everyone had short hair - bob,boy cut ;) . So I know how it feels cause even my sisters had short hair till they entered their mid teens and I remember how the younger one used to argue with mother regarding this. Even my mothers reply would be like yours.
    Glad Dove came to your rescue. I never understood why the conversation at the beginning! Good luck for the Dove contest. May you win!

    1. I know it's the same story for everyone but I guess everyone has shared it differently.
      Btw, thanks for ur feedback. Have changed the start!

  3. You hairs look amazing in the last picture !! :)

    Good luck for the contest !

    1. Thanks a lot Ritika. Both for the hair and ur wishes.

  4. You seriously look stunning in the last pic. Good luck. Wonderful post.