Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Life in the absence of Love - Part1

This is a short story  about Raghav, Rashi and Ria spread across 2 parts. This story is about Life in the absence of love!

She was no longer able to feign sleep. She had done that enough. For the nth time that night, she checked the time but it seemed like the clock had stopped ticking. Even after so many years, he wouldn’t let her sleep. She looked out and all she could see was darkness. In a lot of ways the darkness outside was equivalent to the turmoil within her.  Suddenly it started pouring and with the rains, she remembered him even more.  He had taught her how to love rains and love him in the rains. Everything had gone when he left but his memories kept hovering all the time.

She was befuddled thinking when will she live a normal life again? It was almost 6 years that she had laughed with him, touched him, kissed him, felt his touch. She had a flashback of the times they had spent together. She had always been a quiet girl but when with him there was no end to her thoughts. When with him, everything else used to take the back seat. For her, he was her entire world!

But she says “He didn’t love me enough as, I loved him. Or else he would have never left me”. He had left her, to face the world all on her own. He had left her to live a life, of which he had become an inseparable part. He had left her and this was the truth. The bitterness of reality made sure that every passing day was a tough exam for which she wasn’t prepared. Atleast not when he wasn’t around to teach her. She kept thinking about him like she did on every night that had passed in these 6 years and with his thoughts she went off to sleep again.

Raghav and Rashi were college sweethearts. They met in the Management College and it was very much love at first sight for both of them. He was the college hunk and she was the shy and simple girl of their batch. But there was something that brought them together. And once they got together, there was no looking back. The 2 years of management studies flew in no time and companies had started pouring in for placements. They couldn’t get enough of each other and they wanted to be together soon. They had planned to get engaged the very next day after college got over. 

But life had some other plans for them. Raghav’s mom who’s both kidneys had failed was on dialysis since a long time.  Her health had deteriorated to a great extent. Doctors had given up on her. Raghav’s dad asked him to come home the very next day. For a few minutes he had gone numb. It was the phone’s ring that jolted him back to reality. On the other side of the phone was Rashi.  She was very tensed and was trying to reach him since an hour.  As soon as he heard her voice he couldn’t control his tears. She sensed something was wrong and rushed to his hostel room.

He hugged her tight and wept. He sobbed like a child. He knew he was losing his mom soon. She was the one who had sacrificed a lot with a dream to see him as a successful man one day. He regretted of not having spent time with her, not being by her side when she needed him. After some time Raghav had gained control of himself. Rashi booked an early morning flight to Lucknow for the next day and ordered dinner from their favourite food joint. After dinner, Raghav just laid on her lap. He kept thinking about Rashi. What if he lost her too. He would literally die. Life was so unpredictable he thought. “I don’t want to loose you Rashu”, he said to her. She kissed him and replied “don’t worry I will always be with you”. He kissed her back and they made love. He said,”Rashu, this is my gift to you before I leave”.

And the next morning he left. He left to come back never again. Before he could reach the Airport his car was crushed by a truck. The news of his demise, shattered Rashi completely. His last words kept coming back to her. "Rashu , this is my gift to you before I leave"..............................................................

to be continued.........

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