Saturday, 25 August 2012

Change the way U think about Change!

I get attached not only to the people around but also to the things I use, the place where I stay! So it didn't quite come as a surprise to my family members when I was reluctant in giving away my old laptop. 

“Its old and its battery backup is 0. Get rid of it“, exclaimed my brother.

 “I can’t. It has been with me all through my engineering years. And it still works. Isn’t that a reason good enough to keep it?” I revolted. 

“Not at all. You have been struggling with its battery, low hard- disk space and what not. A new one will  surely ease all your problems” he replied.

I knew he was correct but my heart didn’t want to let go off the laptop. I was susceptible to change.

Contrary to the personality traits of my sun sign, I am someone who completely hates change. I would never welcome a change in my life. Rather I would search for 100 reasons to avoid it. How much ever jaded I am with my mundane life, I would never dare to experience a change.

To me I come across as a very smart girl who has the acumen in dodging the changes but if I sit back and contemplate I realize I am a dimwit to have believed that.  How much ever you believe that you don't want to change your life you will realize that eventually you hardly have any control over what happens.

“Change Is Inevitable”

It’s strange that every day we feel life is the same. Just like yesterday and will remain very much the same tomorrow. With every passing day nothing seems to have changed but when we look back in the past, we realize everything has changed!

Although I have been so unwelcoming towards changes, the truth is that the changes in my life have kept me moving. 

I have juggled between the 2 cities for almost 5 years. From Mumbai to PUNE (2006), PUNE to Mumbai (2010), Mumbai to PUNE (2010) and then finally from PUNE back to the city I love the most MUMBAI (2011). Every time I changed my city there was a new reason, a new purpose and as a result a new life which somehow worked for me! I didn’t realize but with the same routine, the same prosaic life one starts getting irritated. 

So coming back to where we started the laptop saga. After getting my new Netbook, I feel change happens for good! Now I don’t have to bother about the battery, about the disk space, the volume etc. Owing to the change ,Life is much easier now.

To summarize: 'Only when you get rid of the old debris, will you get some vacant place to build a new house.'  Sometimes you need to accept the change to move ahead in your life. Change always comes into your life for good. Sometimes you fail to understand it that moment but few days and months down the lane you will totally accept it. :)


  1. Shaurabh Agrawal25 August 2012 at 01:30

    with time things do change... n one shud welcome the change to make life more interesting n exciting..
    btw congrats for ur new netbook.. :-)

  2. The only thing CONSTANT is CHANGE

  3. good one :) written on my birthday ;)

  4. What a way to express Neha .. Kamaal..