Saturday, 11 August 2012

Life in the absence of Love - Part2

Sun rays had started penetrating through the windows into the room. However, Rashi didn’t show any signs of movement. She looked just like a princess. There was serenity and tranquillity in that moment. Who could have imagined the same Rashi had a horrendous emotional outburst last night? No one could have ever imagined she was so broke from inside?

The past 6 years had been anything but simple for her. Her love for him had crossed the boundaries of life and death, had crossed the boundaries of right and wrong. There was not a single day when she did not remember him. She had to move on and Raghav had given her a reason to do so. 

She worked as a brand manager in one of the top Indian companies. A through professional that she was, she never let her team members get away with anything but perfection. This tough and smart business woman never let the world witness the broken Rashu inside!  

Suddenly the breeze started flowing in. Curtains started to sway with the wind. Rashi was awake by then but felt just too lazy to get out of the bed. Like every other day she started imagining her mornings with Raghav. If he would have been alive, every morning she would have greeted him with a morning kiss and scrumptious parathas his favourites, for breakfast. She would have gone for an early morning walk with him. She would have fought with him of not spending much time with her. She would have scolded him of not taking good care of his health. She would have loved him like there was no tomorrow. But the fact was he had gone. He had gone too far to come back into her life again. He was somewhere in the heaven monitoring her every moment closely. Helping her out in the tough times she faces.  He was her angel taking care of all her needs time and again.

“It’s 7.30 already and we are late!” exclaimed Ria. Sprinkling some water over Rashi’s face, she brought Rashi out of her dream world immediately. Irritated Ria said “Because of you I get late every day!  Now will you please get ready quickly? You have just 20 mins”. Without wasting a single minute Rashi rushed to freshen up.  Twenty minutes later Rashi and Ria were ready to leave home.  They stood near the bus stop. As the bus arrived, Ria got into the bus and Rashi bid her good bye. “Good Bye Mom. Love you”, screamed Ria out of her school bus.

A month after Raghav’s death, Rashi realized she was pregnant with Raghav’s child. There was a lot of pressure from her family to abort the child. But Raghav’s last words kept coming back to her. She soon realized this child was the gift he was talking about. His last gift before he left. His gift that she should take care of. Raghav knew Rashi would never let anybody take his place. So, this was his way of making sure she was able to live her life without him but with someone who is the living symbol of their love, with someone who stands out as her support system in the times to come.

That someone was Ria. Ria had truly given direction to Rashi’s life. She gave her a new hope to live, to survive, to be happy, and to love Raghav by loving her!  Ria the Love child was the answer to all the doubts in the chapters of Love. It was the Ultimate Gift from a lover to his love. To let his love, live her Life in the absence of Love!


  1. its very nice indeed,i like it very much :) but why does one of f character has to always die :(:( i expect sm happy endings wali stories from u next time ;)

  2. It is happy ending. Coz Ria is in her life. :)
    Btw I can't help it, couldn't stop the flow of my thoughts. :P

  3. very nice post Neha :) here have a look at this one too :) Hope you will like it :)

    1. Thanks.
      n ya i already read all the 4 posts on ur blog. must say u are a born writer!!

  4. My gosh!!!Dint know u could write...God bless nupur who gave me this link.....Seriously yar leave the job and consider professional writing :P

    1. Thanks yaar. :) will surely consider quitting in some time.


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