Sunday, 19 August 2012

A lil space... is all V need

In case you are a 20 something girl living in India, not dating anyone, done with your graduation, settled in a pretty good job and trying to figure out what next you want to do then for the people around you an alarm starts ringing loud!

Suddenly the entire world around you wants to find you a suitable match. Relatives, distant relatives, family friends, your neighbors, everyone is constantly delivering a harangue on why it is the best time for you to get married. And even a little delay in groom hunting would mean you losing out the good guys in your community.  Leaving aside what you or your parents want; everyone out there associated with you feels, it’s their moral responsibility to search a groom for you.

A few days back I attended a religious event. There I met my granny’s friend. This lady is an outspoken and a jovial woman.  Don’t go by her age cause she has a personality which will leave you astonished. Anyways, coming back to the point, I exchanged greetings with her and was back again concentrating on GOD.  My idea of spirituality is to think of GOD in solitude and peace.  But this lady was interested in the breaking the tranquility of my mind. She began interrogating about a few random things and suddenly out of nowhere started blabbering about a guy who stays in her neighborhood and how she thought we could have been a perfect match for each other. At that instant, to a perplexed, baffled me what happened a moment back seemed quixotic!

With all due respect I admire the old lady for her concern but it’s time we give the young generation a chance to make their choice with respect to when and what they want to do in their lives. Be it choosing a career, choosing a life partner, or deciding when they want to get married, it’s important these decisions be left to the individual. I am totally for the idea of Arrange Marriage but I fail to understand the pressure that the society builds around the youngsters. Having an opinion about things is good but forcing your opinion is a strict no no.

Why can’t an individual decide when he/she wants to get married? Why do we not understand that age can’t be a factor in deciding if the person is ready to take that big step? It’s an individual’s choice. The Indian Constitution has shouldered us with a very big responsibility: The Right to Vote. Hence, it means that at our age, we are sensible enough even to decide if we are ready to get married or not!  

I am sure most of you have one such relative who is worried about your marriage more than you and your parents. But I have a big bunch of them to be handled. All my attempts in making them understand that right now I have better things to do in my life than get married have gone in vain.  However, with the times that have passed I have somehow become immune to their questions, concerns and proposals.

Being immune to this pressure is not the correct way out. We need to get free from this burden. So that we are able to live our lives in the ways that best suit us. So that we explore our lives and have the correct frame of mind. And eventually get married when we are actually ready for it emotionally, mentally, financially.


  1. absolutely right :) actually the problem is people keep on poking their noses in everybody Else's life without keeping a watch on their own....nicely written :)

    1. so true. Privacy naam ka word kisike dictonary mein exist he nahi karta!

  2. It happens only in India :P...enjoy it :)

  3. You have highlighted an important point here.If One can fend for themselves then why do you need others to fret about you!! Good Thoughts!

  4. Aw, you wrote down exactly my story.....

    1. Hey Ritesh,

      Each one feels that. The great Indian Story....

      Neha Sharma

    2. I know you are Neha Sharma...Don't have to put in with so much formality... :p
      Following you know.
      PS- The background theme that u have evokes nostalgia. I had it for more than a year till i changed it recently..