Sunday, 29 July 2012

Tu Mera Hero! Oh Oh Oh O O

My heart skips a beat every time I see him. My obsession for SRK is known to a lot of people who are close to me and lot others who are not too! Although things have subdued these days, I was a lot crazy until a few months back. While there are some people who fail to understand my craziness, there are some others who instead of making fun prefer keep me connected to SRK by their really cute small little gestures.

This is something which is really close to my heart. About 2 years back, I was having a conversation with a friend on the office communicator. When were chatting about SRK and somehow he landed up writing this small story for me. I take this as an opportunity to thank him for this wonderful gift which I shall cherish forever and forever.

      One Fine Night!!

Now think that you are on a date with SRK...
Imagine it’s just the two of you in the car..
A BMW convertible. He is driving... He has an arm around you... And he is driving with one hand.
You guys r driving on a lonely road.
The moon is flashing with all its brightness...
The stars are dazzling...
The night couldn’t have been more romantic!!

He is speaking to you and his lips are near your ear. You can hear his deep breaths. They are the best sighs you have ever heard. He is talking and you are jus smiling. Finally the car stops. You see nothing around. Just the endless road in the moonlight. That’s when he escorts you out of the car and requests u to keep mum.

Shhhh!! He says... With the typical SRK expression..

He ties a cloth around your eye. Just the touch of his hand gives u goose bumps. Your hormones are overflowing and your nervousness increases. U walk hand in hand with him. All you can hear is the sound of the bushes being pushed aside and some water flowing in the surrounding. Suddenly you stop walking. You miss a heart beat der. He opens the cloth around your eyes. OMG!!!

You can see a nice wooden table with two chairs. Fairly decorated with flowers [lilies] not over done, besides the river. U c someone standing there! That’s d person about whom u have always dreamt .Your love of life. With a diamond ring in his hand. On his knees and arms wide open.

U can’t believe this is happening. He proposes. You accept it! You pinch yourself in disbelief. This isn’t happening. That’s what u still feel….but it is !! U both have a nice time there.

SRK leaves..

And for the first time you wanted him to go. Coz you have found someone much better and much lovable than him.. THE LOVE OF YOUR LIFE !!  

 PS: I preferred keeping it raw. Just like the friend wrote it for me.


  1. Just thought to let you know that I did write about the song Tu Juda song(completely forgot about it though) . Have a read of the translation and my thoughts .


  2. Ohk I replaced SRK with Messi...while reading...Awesome!!!!