Monday, 7 January 2013

Shave or Crave?? - A quirky idea ahead....

Remember the evergreen quote, "The way to a man’s heart is through his Stomach”.

I bet it’s true…

This is the story of my distant aunt and her husband. They are a cute couple married for almost 20 years. My uncle keeps teasing my aunt and when she gets irritated he starts singing old romantic songs for her. They fight over silly things. The silliest of all being my uncle’s STUBBLE.

My uncle likes his dadhi (Beard) and feels really proud of it. He feels his stubble makes him look very dashing but my aunt prefers to think otherwise.

Mr Dadhiwala

I will henceforth be refering to them as Mr and Mrs Dadhiwala. ;)

Mrs Dadhiwala regularly comes up with unique ways of getting Mr Dadhiwala shave off his stubble.  A few days back she called me up to describe her latest victory!

So the story goes like this.........

One fine evening, she decided to cook his favourite dish and waited eagerly for him to come back from work.

Mrs Dadhiwala

After he was back, she asked him to taste and suggest if it lacked salt or any spices. 

No sooner did he give a nod that it’s all great, his eyes started asking for more. He began to drool over the scrumptious dish.

Mrs Dadhiwala ignored all of this and walked back to the kitchen.

He started walking behind her to get himself more of the mouth-watering dish.

She then blocked the way and with a grin on her face said,  ”I guess you want more but you wouldn’t get it unless you shave of that prickly, dirty and unhygienic stubble of yours!”

Mr Dadhiwala looked at his wife in disbelief.  She had never ever let food come in between their fights.

 He revolted back saying, “It’s not fair at all. You first make me Crave for food and then say I should Shave.”

Mrs Dadhiwala winked and said, “Honey, All is fair in Love and War.”

A big foodie that he was, he had to sacrifice his stubble. :)

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  1. I would like to say that this was indeed short and sweet. Aunty makes the Uncle crave for food and then asks to Shave!

    1. ya... but the story served the purpose. so its kool. :)

  2. U know u stitched it up hastily (just like I did the other day) (after all, who wud like to miss out on a flipkart voucher).
    I was quite excited the way u built it up in the first half with an aunt n uncle christened as daadiwala.
    But but but, the end meandered over to mediocrity (i was hoping for some more funny or unique anecdote). It was your 'Talaash' moment. Nice starting but an average climax.

    PS- By the way, your story is still better than mine. It has a unique setting and well-thought out out characters.
    PPS- I hope tum bura nahi maanogi with my critical comment

    1. Hey Ritesh,

      I really appreciate ur genuine comments. I agree that the post was ended abruptly.
      But it was the last day n I was so jaded reading all the 'Shave n Crave ' posts. The were all mostly on the lines of physical intimacy. Hence, decided to present a very different idea.....

    2. Ya, I understand...Me too wrote it on the final day.. But i just quickly weaved a cliched bf-gf romance. Ur idea is way better than mine. And don't you worry. Won't unfollow you :P you still one of my favs :D

  3. Hey hi. Arey listen na, have you heard from Blogadda regarding the prize? They had promised Rs 500 flipkart voucher, but mujhe kuch nahi mila, despite the fact that I shamelessly promoted the Gillette brand :'(