Tuesday, 1 January 2013

I want it Straight. Just Straight!

Once upon a time ……………..

It happened that the most handsome guy in the office asked me out on a date but I had just 1 hour in hand to get ready! Panic struck me. And suddenly all looked wrong.  My clothes were not ironed, my face looked like crap and the loquacious Aunt decided to bug me just then. To top it all my hair was a big mess; looked like a crow’s nest with shit all around. Each strand looked like the curliest entangled maggi noodle.

 Just when I picked up the ironing machine, the electricity went off!! 

In such time off mayhem,a girl tries all she can to save her day.... Here’s my list of possible attempts:

Idea no 1:

I decided to go to the parlour…. But the parlour was too far and I had only 50 mins in hand.
I surely didn’t want to create a bad first impression by getting late. So I dropped the idea.

Idea No 2:

I lied down and scattered my hair above the head.
Then, I asked my maid to place the heaviest suitcase on my hair in a hope to get my lustrous straight hair back!

Idea No3:

I tied weights on the ends of a few strands thinking it might work. I clipped my hair on a plank and stretched as much as I could.  But yet again I was proved wrong!

Idea No 4:

I called up my mom.
Tadaaaa.....She had a solution. “Beta beat 2 eggs, put some curd, some amla , some x, some y and some z… mix everything and apply on your hair. Wash after 10 mins”.
I did exactly as she said and I landed up spoiling my hair even more…..
And ya… My hair started to stink now.

Idea No 5:

Out of frustration I started pulling my hair, with the last hope of making them straight and a little less wavy. Alas.. it didn’t work either.

The Final Try:

And just when everything failed and I decided to call up my date to chuck the plan..
Out came the words of wisdom from the GOD sent maid “ Babyji aapne naye SUNSILK ke baare mein nahi suna??”

And I stared back at her in disbelief thinking “What a crazy woman! She wants to discuss about ads now!”

The maid continued,” Arey babyji yeh baalon ko ek baar mein seedha kar deta hai. Sabse sasta aur aasaan taareeka. Ruko main dukkan se lekar aati hun”

And in a few minutes my wonderful maid was there with a sachet of SUNSILK in her hand.
Surprisingly, it did work and I was ready in just 15 minutes. Looking the best I ever looked. With my long, beautiful hair singing the story of the accomplished battle! ;)

Oh… you want to know what happened on the date! We had an amazing time! As I say… Good Things happen to Good People.

PS: This post is part of 'The Straight Hair Experiment' contest by Sunsilk in association with Indiblogger.in


  1. So all the ideas were futile. Probably you should have tried out-of-box thinking.... ;) Nice post and you have endorsed Sunsilk...Awesome!

    I would like you to read my take on the contest. ITs on my blog - Life of Pri. Awaiting feedback! . have read most of your blog posts you have a good writing style!

    1. ya ya all went futile. When I have stringent time constraints, my mind usually stops functioning!

      Will surely reply back after reading your post.

    2. Oh IT girl! I do understand . But despite being from the same field as yours , I could muster some time for passion. :D

    3. Then it seems have a lot to learn from you!

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