Wednesday, 9 January 2013

5 Must Try Free Apps

I am not really a gadget freak. In fact the only gadgets I own are my netbook and phone. But just to have a little convenience in writing and reading and also considering the portability, I recently brought a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.

I have not really mastered all games but have surely researched extensively about which games to play. After installing, playing and uninstalling a myriad of games, I come to the conclusion that the below 5 games are my pick for at least a few weeks from now.

I will recommend you to download and try these at least once. Most of us are bored playing the good old Temple Run and Angry Birds. It’s time we switch to some other interesting games.

Subway Surfers:

Subway Surfers takes you in the world of surfing. The surfers Jake, Tricky and Fresh are trying to escape from a grumpy inspector and his pit bull dog.
 Keep collecting the coins by dashing and dodging the incoming trains. Along the way you can pick up the power-ups, big shoes that help you jump higher, a coin magnet that collects any coin you run past a jet pack that lifts you above the obstacles and runs you through a streamline of coins.

 Zabardast factors:
·         HD graphics
·         You have an option to sync with Facebook. Thus compete with your friends
·         Controls are very easy to understand.
Bekaar factors:
·         Unlocking the other character can be done after acquiring some exorbitant number of specific items via the mystery boxes.

   Cut The Rope:

Cut the Rope is a challenging and fun game puzzle. It has 8 themed boxes, each with 25 levels. Each theme introduces various devices to play with. The aim of the game is to feed candy into the mouth of a cute monster called ‘Om Nom’.
Although to pass any level all you need to do is put the candy in the monsters mouth, the trick is to collect maximum stars before doing that.

Zabardast Factors:
·         You can skip levels within the box you are.
·         There are hints as you progress each level.
·         Great Physics Puzzle


Ruzzle is a fun, competitive and fast-paced word game where you take on friends or strangers over three rounds time bounded word-finding action. If you are a bit of a word buff then this can surely run you over by its charm.

Zabardast Factors:
·         Good Graphics.
·         Invite Friends or  random Strangers.
·         Chat with competitors.
Bekaar Factors:
·         Not really a new discovery. It’s similar to Boggle.
·         One needs to keep waiting until the opponent completes a game. In case, you resign the game, the stats show that you lost that game.

  Flow Free:

Flow Free is a simple logic based puzzle but definitely addictive. The aim of the game is to join the same coloured dots making sure that you fill all spaces within the large square grid. But watch out the pipes break when they overlap or cross each other.

Zabardast Factors:
·      If you get stuck you can take help of hints. First 5 hints are free, you can buy other hints from the in-app purchase.
·         Bright and Colourful graphics.
·         Lots of Levels.
Bekaar Factors:
·         No online leader boards to maintain the high scores.

Hill Climb Racing:

First look at the game will surely not amuse you but a look further you might find it lurking. It’s an entertaining physics based driving game where one needs to control a vehicle which is driving uphill without toppling. As you drive, you need to collect coins (to buy upgraded suspension, tires, etc., for their cars) and gas cans to keep the car moving.

Zabardast Factors:
·         Small file hence easy to download even on a 2G network.
Bekaar Factors:
·         Very simple graphics
·         Game sound is too irritating.

PS: Would love to hear your feedback about the games. :) 


  1. It would have been great if you had linked it to the Google Play page so that one could download it from there!

    1. Thanks for the suggestion. Will do that soon.

  2. Hi Neha,

    Good collection of apps with insightful reviews and highlights. Even I loved Flow Free. Thanks for sharing this list Neha :)


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    1. Thanks......

      Do try the other apps. You will surely enjoy. :)

  3. Very interesting blog, Neha:)
    Shall come back soon:) Following you!

  4. There are a lots of the games Neha. You can try some which I have given below,

    In addition to this,there are many apps that are very useful. For example, I hate the keyboard that's there so I use Swiftkey. Give it a try, it's really really awesome and is the number 1 keyboard on android.

    Other thing that I use so much is news magazine app Flipboard. I can't imagine that how else I would be getting updated about news and reading them without it.

  5. arre waah. ty. i doenloades cut d rope