Thursday, 20 March 2014

Dream Mobiles & Dream Husbands

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A few months back I had explained here, how difficult life is for a single unmarried 20 something girl in India. Now let me elaborate on how complications increase buy leaps and bounds when you finally decide you are ready for that big thing called marriage. Actually, not when you are ready but when you are forced to believe that you are ready.

To me this Indian Arrange Marriage set up looks like a forced suicide. Somehow its really difficult to keep your self alive through the entire process. The stress and anxiety are sure to kill.

I have contemplated, analyzed a lot and finally come to the conclusion that the Arrange Marriage procedure can be compared to mobile shopping. In the theory that I share below remember Mobile is synonymous to bride/groom.

When you decide to purchase a mobile, different people around you have different suggestions. Some say go for an android, some suggest iphone, others say a windows phone. No one wants to understand your requirements. Everyone wants to suggest the handset which THEY feel is best.

But it's really not about their best, isn't it!
It's about the one that matches your requirements. That is why there are so many models in market. So that each one of us can pick the one that suits us the most. What if you are hardly into photography and someone suggests a phone with high end camera. It might give great pictures but what is the use. You don't enjoy photography. Similarly someone suggests a gaming phone with nvidia card but its almost useless for you because you dont like to waste your time on games.

After patiently hearing the so called Encyclopedia's of Mobile Phones you realize, its not really worth asking others for opinions. So you sit down and prepare a checklist of what you expect in your dream mobile. A stylish mobile which is sleek and durable, has good battery life, camera with decent pixcels, latest processor etc. You begin the hunt for a mobile that fulfills all these points on your checklist.

You visit different stores suggested by friends & family in search of your dream phone but somehow your heart is not fully convinced in buying any available handset. You are just not able to find all requirements in a single handset. You start doubting if a dream mobile even exists! Disappointed, you start prioritizing and omitting the requirements on your checklist.

Once the checklist is revised, you start a fresh search. You have compromised but you are still hopeful. You still believe you would be able to find a close match if not a dream one.
Alas! There is still no sign of such a mobile. Every phone is more or less the same, having similar features just packaged differently.

That is when your friends suggest to check the online portals. They claim online portals have wider options and are quick and hassle free. They give examples of other friends who have found their dream mobile on web and are living happily ever after. While you are determined to give it a shot, you face a lot of opposition from your nosy relatives and parents. They say its not wise to trust these online websites. They brainwash you to stick to the traditional ways of buying mobiles. The conventional procedure of going to a store and physically seeing the mobile.

Everyday you see FB updates of your friends and acquaintances getting their dream mobiles. You wonder where you are going wrong. Relatives keep checking if you have been successful yet, as if they are on a high priority mission.You are asked to be patient and wait because there is one special mobile for everyone. :P

With time running out , few become anxious, scrap their list and choose one random handset. Others attain the great enlightment and just take a break. Believeing: 'When it is meant to happen it will happen!'

And for such people my friends thus begins the endless wait..........

~~~~~~Sometimes on the way to the dream you get lost and find a better one ~~~~~~~


  1. wow superb!!! I simply loved the way u have compared mobile phone and husband.....but there is only one small can anytime sell your old mobile on olx when u r fed up of it....:P

    1. Thanks...
      lol....point taken!

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. You can post an Ad for the used mobile anytime. But you may not be able to sell it anytime, maybe never.

      Extending Sandhya's logic, you should also consider the resale value of the mobile/husband while you consider the initial purchase.

  2. lololol !!! hilarious read :D . I feel mobiles are much simpler to handle than husbands. They can be kept in silent mode when you don't feel like answering the call :D :D

    1. haha....if needed temporarily switch them off!

  3. Funny! And when one is bored of the mobile model dump it and get a new one. :D

  4. Such a nice comparison and a witty yet true post... hats off!

  5. hahaha.. that was funny comparison :) .. opposite gender comparison also fits the comparison :P

  6. Good one..very interesting.
    So you did you find your dream mobile?
    Did you find your dream husband?
    Are you planning to be a dream wife?
    Kehte hain "Upwar waala jodiyaan bana ke bhetja hai bus milna hum par chod deta hain"
    We want best and think,research contemplate a lot. But then whatever you get you kind off get used to it.
    Just remember about Draupdi and why she ended up having 5 husbands..perfect ki khoj chodo..kyonki chand mein bhi daag hain!

  7. Ha ha ... how did you think of this comparison? :p Loved it (y)

  8. First time to your blog. Firstly thank you for visiting my blog and commenting on it...:) You have made the right comparison by comparing with mobile. The journey of getting married right from search till the marriage is one heck of a journey. I had written something similar about marriage thing (

    The most important thing to note here is, what is best for one person may not be the same for another person. I feel this basic understanding would reduce all the drama, if I call it, that surrounds a marriage. A nice post, keep it coming..:)

  9. True! Great analysis Neha :)

  10. hahhaa, loved it! couldn`t agree anymore :P

  11. Hahha,loved it! couldn`t agree any more :P