Monday, 28 May 2012

Letting the secret out ;)

           There is one compliment I have been hearing since a long time. People tell me I have a beautiful smile. “Seriously? “, I ask them baffled.  Yes they reply instantly and ask how I manage looking beautiful and staying happy all the time. I accept the compliment graciously with a smile.

But do you want to know the secret of that beautiful smile ???

         The secret is I want to smile. The reason is I want to stay Happy. Anyone who takes that effort to smile and enjoy the very moment will remain HAPPY. The secret of Happiness & Beauty is nothing more than a heart that wants to stay happy and wants to keep doing that every day.
When I was a young girl studying in school, every Sunday evening I used to go for a walk with mom dad. Most of the times I walked behind them analyzing what all things I wanted so as to be the happiest.  Three things topped my list: learning to drive, a personal computer, my own room. Now after almost 13 years I have  covered almost the entire wish list. However, I realized driving to work in my own car, coming back and sleeping in my own room and owning a laptop doesn't  give the Happiness that I get chatting with my friends over a cup of coffee. It doesn't give me the same pleasure that I get when I dance for hours with my closest friends.

            With time we realize the truth  behind Happiness. No one’s life is bereft of happiness. It's a part of you. The very human nature is to be happy. We keep searching happiness in the accomplishment of our short and long term goals. These goals might take years to complete. Does that mean we will remain cranky all through the years??Why leave even a single day or a single moment of being happy. Don’t associate happiness with your ambitions. Search for ways to enjoy each passing day.                                                                                        

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar says :
”Happiness depends on your mind. When mind is free of past impressions and future cravings happiness is there.”
Perfect isn’t it. With such simplicity he has given the key to a happy heart. You need to forget about the past, stop thinking about the future and stay in present. When you are in present everything looks perfect and when everything is perfect you become happy. :)

            Another way of staying happy is being around positive people happy people and who else will be a better option than kids. The idea is to surround oneself with children and dive into the ocean of happiness. Love gives Happiness. They say in every child GOD resides.  Hence, a child’s love is the purest form of love.  Once a child connects with someone the nexus is too strong to be shaken.  I have been around a lot of kids and one such sweet child is ‘Yogesh’.

           It was a Saturday morning and I took the liberty of waking up a bit late than my usual time. As I checked my phone I saw 2 missed calls from an unknown number.  I called on the number and I could feel the voice was a known one. In a min I guessed that it was Yogesh. Excited he said ”Didi main pass ho gaya”. My delectation knew no bounds. I was delighted that he had passed his exams but I was more pleased to know that he wanted to share his happiness with me.  Who was I to him? Just a girl who came every Sunday with bunch of her friends and taught him. Kids have so much love to give that you can never be sad around them. Their love crosses all boundaries of religion, caste, language and economical backgrounds. They just want to get and spread love.

            If kids can do that why can’t we. When you wake up every morning, be happy that you have another day to live, another day to love your dear ones , to eat , to sing and  pray. A gesture of love can make someone's day and that will make your day. Give lift to someone who is trying to get inside a packed bus. Share your tiffin with that kid who works on the small tea stall outside your workplace, listen to your favourite track, browse through your childhood pictures, go on a walk with your mom, hug someone really tight. Just do something every day. Be happy and make someone smile every day.

Happiness is just somewhere around, disguised in various avatars. Just decide that you want to be happy and you will get plenty of reasons to be happy. J

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  1. Hmm don't want to sound like a nagging pessimist fellow so would just say, be happy always :) .