Monday, 16 April 2012

The 'AAM' Season! :)

A few days back I came home after a hectic day at work to be greeted with a glass of Mango shake by mom. Scrumptious, I must say. I was elated and back to being my usual chirpy, gregarious self.

What's with me and Mango Shake's you may ask!

Actually, I just LOVE Mangoes. It’s the only fruit I have had a passionate relationship since years. :)
My love for mangoes has been so deep that no fruit could ever take its place. To be specific Alphonso's are the one's I prefer. None of the other mangoes can beat the taste, the class of an Alphonso. They are one of the best in terms of sweetness, richness and flavor. They surely are the king of the Mango brand. :)


Ironically, although I hate summers but I still love them for bringing the mango season along with them! As a kid, I loved summers. I think all kids did. Summers were the time when there was no work and only play. No studies, no homework, no books, no school. Summer time meant being pampered by mom. Kitchen being stocked up with chocolates, chips, sweets etc. Refrigerators being stocked with rasna, Ice-creams, Juices!
Life would turn into a Paradise. J

That time will not comeback. But let me comeback to the king of all fruits, the mango! You can enjoy your mango to the fullest when you eat it in an uncivilized way, the Indian way. Trust me, it tastes the best like that. In the indianised way of eating a mango you neither need a plate nor a fork. You just need to make a slit on the top of the mango and then suck the juices out until what remains is the seed! J


I was checking out some facts about mangoes when I came across these two facts. Really interesting.

The Mango tree plays a sacred role in India. It is a symbol of love and some believe that the Mango tree can grant wishes.

Mango leaves are used at weddings to ensure the couple bears plenty of children. J

I know a bit crazy but India is a place where people are living craziness each moment.

This summer eat as many mangoes as you can especially the alphonso’s. It's rightly said.......

                     "Mango among fruits, pork among meats, tea among leaves!"

So, in case you don't like mangoes you are loosing out on a flavor your taste buds would die to relish.

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