Sunday, 22 January 2012


Recapturing my senses and with shivering hands I started searching my phone in the vicinity of my bed. Once located and few incorrect swipes later, I managed unlocking it!
The one thing I very strongly wished not to be true turned out to be very much true!
It was sharp 4:38 am! I was numb.

With each passing second & my heart sinking, I walked towards the door of my room. Struggling with the lock for a minute ,I finally managed opening the door. I turned to the room on the left and found mom & dad in deep sleep. I tried waking up mom but my first try was unheard! Before I could make another try, a voice from inside said let me handle this myself!!!

In the predicament that I was, I couldn’t think of anything at that moment!! I felt my heart pacing at the highest rate! Could it possible be true?? I had been in reality still trying to put the pieces of my dream together. All I could remember was, I read something from a piece of paper and she burst into tears!!!

I knew it was a dream but was there something imbibed in it for me? Was my dream a verbatim of reality, of what was yet to come? Or was it a verbatim of the thoughts of my unconscious mind! And isn't it said that early morning dreams often come true?

I went back to sleep trying to figure out the answers and with the wish that mom was beside me. There is something enigmatic about nights and something even more enigmatic about dreams!!!

The morning welcomed me with sunlight which penetrated the curtains into my room!! I woke up still with the thought of that dream but with a fair attempt trying to feign its existence! Very soon I was ready and left home for my dance class. Reaching there, I felt a strange negativity in the air! I could sense something went wrong!

As she entered the room, her eyes spoke before she could. Pain and grief reflected from her eyes and before I could ask she started to tell it all.

I was amused. I suddenly could see all my questions answered. My dream had spoken to me. It was trying to tell me that she was in pain. It was not an illusion. They were not the thoughts of my subconscious mind. She was a person who was just an acquaintance. I never thought about her. So how did I get that dreams. It ain’t the first time I get these dreams once in while and its sometimes about people who I hardly know and their thoughts wandering my mind is far from reality!!

I fail to understand this mysterious, uncanny world of dreams!!! There is no rule that applies here. There is no theory that is proved correct here! There are only experiences that speak for each one of us!!!!

Welcome the dreams into your never know which one might just come true!!!

"Man, alone, has the power to transform his thoughts into physical reality; man, alone, can dream and make his dreams come true." Napoleon Hill


  1. Yes dreams are really powerful... they are the base for future... and a connection with known and unknown people.... a mystry that can never be solved... so dream n live in the world which is built by you and only you...