Thursday, 19 January 2012

Think Again....

A few days back i was conversing with a friend in my usual chirpy mood, when he pointed that I had still not grown up. I was immature.

People who know me would have never come up with such a statement. I was a bit baffled, not on his comment but on the fact that for a few people Maturity and Seriousness are synonyms. I wondered, how having a serious outlook in life defined a mature person? So to sound like a mature person one needs to be a little more serious about things or rather pretend that in front of others!

I think, Maturity is seen through the decisions you take in life.Its a by product of getting old. Life teaches you a lesson with each passing day. The decisions you take in such times make you a tough person.You evolve as a person and that makes you mature. Its a journey, an endless one. So you never stop getting mature. You cant expect a 12 year old to act like a 22 year old in the same way you cant expect a 22 year old to behave or have maturity of a 30 year old!! It comes with time and it looks good like that.

I take LIFE as it comes. I don't let the future hover over my present. As a 22 year old ,I enjoy every moment.
So is this that makes me look immature?
or Does the fact that I have a gregarious personality makes me immature?
or my fun loving attitude serves the purpose?

Whatever it may be , it doesn't matter!
Beyond all these silly things is a girl who was strong enough to win a few battles all by herself , who was courageous enough to take some decisions which just turned her life upside down. A girl, who has materialized those thoughts that people just dreamt of doing some day, who has started thinking about her country and people of her country even before the so called mature's could give it a thought!

If being serious about life, if planning life and being vocal about it, if following the conventional & the traditional path, if leaving the small pleasures of life to accomplish the big dreams, personifies the mature person in you..................................
                              I would rather be called an Immature!!!

“To exist is to change, to change is to mature, to mature is to go on creating oneself endlessly.”- Henri Bergson


  1. Dude!!! This article is totally echoing my sentiments!! was thinking of the exact same thoughts a few days ago!!

    1. Ohh its nicee to knw that people can connect with what I write. :)

  2. No, you are not immature as we say, maturity doesn't get to be seen with passing years or with grey hair but with how well and deep you think about things and understand them. Don't pay attention to your friend's comment. You haven't seen me that how do I behave at times? I can be a 4 years old, the most naughtiest kid in the block and at the same time, can be like a 50 years old too :). Keep your head up and always remember, if the first voice in your heart says that you are right, most likely you are!


    1. Hey Aman!

      U completely echo my thoughts. :)

  3. You are correct :)