Monday, 13 April 2015

The beautiful world of Dream Catchers...

There are beautiful concepts and beliefs that exist in different parts of the world. Travelling and technology have shrunk the world so much that many such traditions are now known to us. One such tradition which originates from the Native Americans is Dream Catcher.

It is a handmade object made using a willow hoop, on which a loose web is woven. The dream catcher is then decorated with sacred items such as feathers and beads.

These dream catchers are said to emit positive vibes. It is believed that dream catchers have the ability to catch all of a person’s dreams. The bad ones get tangled in the dream catcher and perish with the first streak of dawn. However, the good dreams gently slip through the outer holes, sliding down the soft feathers to the person sleeping below.

In olden days, they were woven by the grandparents for newborn children and hung above their beds to give infants peaceful, beautiful dreams.

Fascinated by this concept, I browsed the internet for hand wooven dream catchers in Mumbai. After a little research, I came across an amazing e-shop called 'dreamcatchers_india' on Instagram. I loved their designs and instantly placed an order for two dream catchers.  A bigger one for my bedroom and a relatively smaller one for my office cubicle.

The Dream Catchers arrived within a week. Also, they were more beautiful than I expected. The colors were just perfectly complimenting each other. I could strongly feel the love and compassion with which they were weaved.

Sharing the pictures below:

Dream Catcher for my bedroom

Dream Catcher for my cubicle

Chromatic, Vibrant and Ravishing!

Didn't you fall in love with them ?

Aren't you excited to buy one for yourself or your loved ones?

I am sure you are!

To order or view more of their designs, check their Facebook page here. Their Instagram Id is dreamcatchers_india

So Dream on guys ........ Coz everything starts with a Dream!


  1. lovely... I remember having bought a dream-catcher pendant and earrings set from Niagara... silver and pick... still love it to bits :-)
    Thanks for sharing Neha :-)

  2. Thank you Neha for these beautiful dreamcatchers!
    They are much needed. Wonder why? Please read it here:

    1. Most welcome...
      Wonderful Haiku Amit

  3. I always wanted to have one. They also have miniatures ones here in US, after reading your post, I think I will buy one this weekend.

  4. Oh they are so fabulous! Very nice esp the pink one

  5. Hey Neha, loved reading your post. I always wanted to buy them but was with mixed feelings. But ya now I think I will just buy them 😊