Monday, 29 October 2012

Work, Life and a Break -Part2

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     The next morning Pranay woke up with a bad headache. Probably it was the hangover of an uncanny encounter with a mystery girl. He couldn’t possibly think of anything. He forgot about work, meetings, office. All he could think of was that pretty girl. Would he ever see her again? She surely knew him but why was he not able to recognize her? Was she someone from the office or just a random girl?

       When all questions remained unanswered he concluded that it was all his imagination. He must have over worked yesterday. May be the entire episode was a figment of his imagination, may be it was all an illusion!

         He thought it was not a good idea to go to office.  But a hardcore workaholic that he was, he couldn’t really sit at home doing nothing. He decided to work from home instead.  He was not really able to concentrate on work. The more hard he tried to focus, the more his mind wandered elsewhere. It was re accounting the yesterday’s episode verbatim.

         He was one of those who did not believe in ‘Love at first sight’. But as they say you can control everything in this world but not your heart. He had fallen for a girl within seconds of seeing her. He felt a strange connection with her. This was something he couldn’t understand but he knew ‘Kuch toh baat jarur thi !’

         The sudden cell phone buzz brought him out of reverie. He checked the time on the antique wall clock hanging opposite the sofa. It was 4pm. He had a strong feeling, she was not his imagination. He decided to go back to work to find something about her. On reaching office he called up a few acquaintances and enquired if they knew about the girl. But the description didn’t quite resemble to anyone they had known.  Whatever it may be he was not giving up so easily. After so many years, he had liked someone and it was special. 

       For a few more days his search for the MG(mystery girl) continued. With no success at all, Pranay gave it up for good.  Even though he got busy in his mundane life, the MG never skipped out of his mind. 

        Around 3 months later, Pranay left for an important client meeting to Delhi. He had been preparing very hard for it. Impressing the clients would mean bagging a meaty project for the company. This would in turn raise the sales by 20%.  As expected, his hard work did pay off well! The clients were convinced of the proposal forwarded by him. Pranay was definitely enjoying the best phase of his life.

       While heading back to his hotel room, he felt a strong urge to have a coffee. With a lot of time in hand, he thought it was not a bad idea to enjoy a cup of his favourite coffee in his favourite coffee shop. He quickly googled the coffee shop closest and directed the cab driver with the route.

         At the coffee shop, he placed his order and turned to grab the seat close by. Coffee was the only thing he was addicted to. The smell of the beans had a hypnotic effect on him. Amidst the hypnotises that he was enjoying, his eyes caught a similar face in the room.  For once he did not believe what he had seen. A battle began between his eyes and mind. But when the person turned around, the doubt was clear. It was definitely her.  It was the Mystery Girl.  What was she doing here in Delhi? Did she notice him? Will she recognize him if he called her? Where did she disappear after that day? 

         Fearing to lose her again, he broke through his thoughts and came back to the present time. She was walking towards the exit gate and was just about to open the door, when......  Pranay exclaimed, "Mystery Girl waiiiiiiiiit!”

 Everyone in the coffee shop stared at him in unison.

to be continued...

For previous part: Work , Life and a Break -Part1


  1. Interesting !! I don't know if i will drop by and read part 3, but My best wishes to Pranay and the mystery Girl !!! :)

    Keep Blogging!

    1. Hey!

      Thanks for your wishes. I hope you come back to read the remaining 2 parts too. :)

  2. Hi Neha,
    Lovely Plot.
    You write very well.
    Mystery Girl? Waiting for the next episode.
    Keep Writing

    1. Hey Vikram!

      Thanks for the encouragement. But I am still naive. Learning and improving my writing skills with each blog.
      I hope you enjoy the next 2 parts as well.