Saturday, 20 October 2012

The Book Review: The Krishna Key

Book Name:  The Krishna Key              
Author:  Ashwin Sanghi
Category: Fiction 
Pages: 464
Publisher: Westland Publishers
Rating: 4.5/5 

When I decided to review ‘The Krishna Key’, I had no clue about the previous works of the author. With limited expectations from the book, I forced myself into starting the book.
Few pages down and I realized the book was riveting enough to keep me glued to it all the time. The conceptualization and the intensive research behind the book will leave its every reader astonished.

Krishna Key is a book which has two parallel tracks on going simultaneously. One of them talks about Lord Krishna’s story in brief and the other one is about a man in the present time, who’s made to believe that he is the final avatar of Vishnu. With this belief he turns into a serial killer.

The book revolves around a number of characters and their quest to find the truth about Krishna’s existence. Ravi Mohan Saini is a mythology professor. His close friend, Anil Varshney who is a symbolist in Rajasthan is murdered. The cop, Radhika Singh suspects Ravi Mohan Saini to have murdered Varshney. Saini is perplexed on his arrest and decides to resolve the conundrum, along with one of his research student, Priya.

Varshney left behind a mystery to be uncovered before dying. He believed the 4 seals acquired during various excavations across India when placed on a base plate would reveal the Key to Krishna’s Existence. However there is someone apart from Saini’s who wants to know the secret of the seals and is monitoring every moment of Saini closely.

'The Krishna Key' is a perfect blend of fiction and facts. At a lot of places in the book, the author has tried to convince the readers that Hinduism holds it traces before the birth of all civilizations. The ancient facts are perfectly blended into the storyline. Thus giving readers, feel that they are reading a historical fiction.

Fresh, pellucid and absolute bliss is what Ashwin brings to you in his writing. If you are bored of the regular boy meets a girl and falls in love banter, do not even think of wasting any more time; order the book quickly. This book with the epic, Mahabhrata set in its backdrop, will surely bowl you over by its wonderful story line which has the correct amount of twists and turns added periodically.

To summarize a must have in your collection. For an avid reader like me a perfect delight. :)

About the Author:
In past, Ashwin Sanghi has mesmerized the readers with his bestselling books the ‘Razabal Line’ and ‘Chanakya’s Chant’.
Ashwin is an entrepreneur and holds a master’s degree from Yale and lives in India with his wife and son. He completed his schooling at the Cathedral & John Connon School, Mumbai, in 1985.Writing is his passion and, in his own words, he's "an entrepreneur by day and novelist by night".

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  1. Ashwin Sanghi Indian dan Brown :p

  2. Haven't read the book....but u make it sound interesting....the author should pay you some commission...hehe....4.5 rating is on the higher side...Looks like u really loved this book. The review was good.
    PS- Happy new year :)

    1. Hey Ritesh,

      I guess he can commission me by sending me all his books. ;)
      Jokes apart, I really enjoyed reading his books. A fresh style of story telling.

      Keep Blogging. Keep Smiling

      Neha Sharma

  3. Hey Neha,

    Why not 5/5? what did it lacked, it will help the author :)

    anyways, here's our maiden attempt to create video review of the same book.

    Do drop in your comments.