Sunday, 31 August 2014

UniverCell Sync - Evolving the Smart Phone Shopping Experience

Are you someone who hates hoping from one shop to another in search of the best gadget at the best price? Are you someone who believes that there is always something missing in one store that you might find in the other? Are you someone who can't trust online websites how much ever u wish to? 

Then UniverCell  is the store for you! UniverCell  delivers a quintessential experience in purchasing smart phones.

A week back UniverCell invited bloggers from Mumbai, Banglore and Chennai to visit their stores. I was not very hopeful about the store but all changed as I neared the end of my visit.

I visited the Mumbai store located in Colaba. They have close to 10 outlets in Mumbai and about 40 outlets in the South of India. As I entered the store, the first thing that caught my attention was their subtle yet powerful interiors. The color scheme is a mix of white, blue and sea green which has a very soothing effect. It  makes sure your mind is at peace when you shop.

Secondly, the store concentrates on only cellphones, tablets and related accessories. Now, when the focus is on one thing you are unlikely to miss out any good stuff. UniverCell has a wider collection of mobile phones in comparison to the other stores like Croma, Ezone & Vijay Sales . The store is segregated into various zones on the basis of the features offered by mobiles. Like the Music Zone has all music phones, Work Zone has phones who's primary focus is work. There is another zone for the kiddos. There is also a section at the start which has all recently launched phones on display. These classifications make it easier to narrow the search as per requirements.

The one thing that turned me into the store's fan was the 1 year free repair they offered with the purchase. Generally the phone companies cover the software failures. So, if your phone undergoes any physical damage you need to shell out a lot of money to get it fixed. UniverCell covers any darn problem related to your phone within the first year of purchase. Moreover, they have a home pick and drop for your phone! Thus saving you from the hassles of paying incessant visits to their stores. Doesn't it sound great!

The store gives young, energetic and vibrant vibes. I had a wonderful experience at the store. Given my debacle with current phone, I was anyways planning to buy a new one. I guess now I know where to go! There can be no better place than UniverCell.