Saturday, 8 February 2014

Rantz of a Single Girl

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I open my mailbox to find not one but almost a dozen mails on the best gifting ideas this Valentine's, how and where I could celebrate Valentine's etc. I select all of them and transfer to trash without thinking twice. Darn! It feels as if these companies mock me by sending such mails.

Years have passed but there has been no change in my relationship status. Almost covered my quarter life staying single and very happy. I like my life like this.
Free, directionless, independent, impulsive & full of quirk! However, Valentine's Day is hyped so much that I feel I have committed a crime by not finding someone for myself.

What is the big deal man!
I am single by choice and love it like that. Being single is a better alternative than being with the wrong person and wasting 364 days of the year just to feel special on that one day.

As 14th Feb nears, singles please do not panic and run around frantically. Remember, even if you don't have that someone special, you have yourself, your family. Love and value yourself more than anyone. One day you are definitely going to meet someone, who makes you happy, makes you feel beautiful and stands by you even when you feel you don't deserve them!

Until then here is the list of things, you cud do on Valentine's:

1. Go for a movie with your single friends.

2. Pamper yourself by enjoying a SPA session

3. Take your parents on a holiday.

4. Shop till you drop. Give yourselves the best gifts.

5. Relish those cup cakes, chocolates and ice-creams. You don't have to worry about those extra kilos!

And if you are someone like me who feels this day is commercialized and is just another day to make money then work could come to your rescue! It's not a national holiday you could work and live it like any other day!

~~If you are Single. Remember,  it's just because GOD isn't ready to share you yet~~


  1. Correct observations, Neha!
    Nice tips for the singletons! Enjoy your freedom while it lasts! I guess eligible singletons don't remain single for long! :)
    Happy V Day!

  2. You can go to temple & Pray to God for universal peace..:P

  3. Hey that's very well written Neha! Completely agree wid Ur points! It's an over-hyped day really...for ppl in love everyday ought 2 b special & love shd 2 b xpressed each day..els it's not LOVE! I love the quote at the end- God's not willing 2 share us yet wid ne1! :D

    1. Thanks Amrita...
      Let us value and love the people around us everyday...

  4. Three Cheers Neha.
    As you said these are some of the techniques by the marketers so that they can promote their products. They are focusing on the human psychology of love. But we need to understand that we dont need a dedicated day to love our special one. There are more important days than valentines day like birthdays, anniversaries etc. I dont think our parents has celebrated valentines day. For them everyday is a Valentines day.

  5. lol this is great tips for singles...

  6. Hehe! Great tips! Happy being single! Great joy of freedom :)

  7. Hahaha! Loved it! :)
    It also boosted my confidence and now I'm even more proud of being single :D

    Keep blogging O:)

  8. nice tips Neha...
    i will go and watch Gunday this friday...

  9. Very nice and so true! Who else can agree to it more than me ? ;-)