Saturday, 17 March 2012

Fun with a little Pain!! :) :(

If you ask me how my childhood was. I would say super fun. I just wanted to play, play and play all the time!!!
I was an active kid with energy at the brim always!!!
Today, when I see the kids playing it brings back my childhood memories! I wish if I could be a small kid again and give myself the liberty to enjoy life everyday. Video games, Monopoly, Cricket, Hide and Seek, 7 Marbels and what not!!!

Today's day started off with a very positive meeting - discussing the curriculum and syllabus for YIF -Young Innovator's Foundation (the NGO I work with on the weekends) and the afternoon teaching the tribal kids in National Park. 
When I was returning back home, I saw a construction worker's kid playing Langdi and I just couldn't resist! Although I started of quite well but as the level of complexity increased I realized I wasn't that kid to handle the hops and jumps. At the end, the weight of my body was too much to handle and I fell hurting my toe!!

the boxes you make with chalk

                              The cute little girl who brushed my skills again and allowed me to play along with her.

                      She was so quick and good at the game that I was keen to give it a try and do well too!!

Finally I came back with a broken toe!!

I am going to keep trying till I master the game. Because there is no gain without any pain!!!:)


  1. That's awesome to hear that you work with an NGO Neha. Absolutely great! Keep up the good work and if possible, let me know as well if I can do my bit into it in anyways.


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  3. Hey Aman,

    Ahh..thanks :)
    We i.e YIF (Young Innovators Foundation) work for the tribal kids in the Sanjay Gandhi National Park (SGNP),Mumbai. We basically aim at giving them supplementary education.
    In case you are from Mumbai or have any plans of coming, surely visit SGNP we have built a school and are building 2 more there.
    And to your amusement we are a group of youngsters like you in the age bracket of 16-28 years.

  4. Neha,

    I had my last visit to Mumbai about 2 years back(my 5th visit otherwise) though I cross the airport often :-). I have been involved in opening bore wells for the needy families in few places. But I surely want to do much more so it would be just awesome for me to associate with your NGO and its going to be good thing for me in a special way as my mom had been a teacher all her life. So count me in by all means.


    1. Sounds kool aman!!
      Btw now u have a reason to come down to Mumbai!!! :)

    2. I believe I do :). Hope it happens soon as well!